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Your New BFF is an Assignment Away

August 17th, 2017 | Posted by Allie in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips, Traveler Tips

Traveling to a new location can be intimidating. A new location brings a plethora of adjustments. New home, new grocery store, new commute — so many changes! But hidden among the chaos of change, there is opportunity for new beginnings. As a nurse, you have the skills of excellent communication and bravery. Why not take the chance to meet new people in location? Your new best friend could be waiting! Next time you find yourself in a new location and feeling a bit nervous, try out these tactics for meeting new people.

Boost your question asking skills

As a nurse you know how critical active listening skills are on the job. Forming new friendships requires a healthy dose of listening, too, but ramping up your question asking game could lead you to your next lifelong friend. Try leaving out the questions that can be answered with a yes or no. Instead find out where they’ve always wanted to go in your town but haven’t yet or why they are in the profession or field they are in.

Look outside work

You meet a plethora of new colleagues with every assignment which are often times fast and easy friends. Don’t forget that a whole new city exists beyond the walls of work, and the web makes it easier than ever to find friends in your area. There are meetup groups for people who have a tilt toward entrepreneurship down to proud poodle owners. Want to train for a triathlon but not sure where to start? There’s a meetup for that, too.

Finding friends you mesh with can make your assignment infinitely more fun. Do you want to meet your next friend on a new adventure? Contact a recruiter and start your new travel nursing journey today!


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