Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

February 6th, 2020 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Traveler Tips

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you celebrate by exchanging gifts with a special someone, having lunch with great friends, or treating yourself with self-care, here are some great gift ideas just for Travel Nurses.

Spoil Your Floor with ECG Cookies

Does someone on your floor have a sweet tooth? Or, to be a little more realistic, is everyone on your floor obsessed with homemade treats? If your answer is “Yes!” then give these cookies a whirl. These pink heart-shaped cookies with ECG patterns will make your floor simply adore you. 

Celebrate Your Galentine with This Fun Sign

If you’re spending Galentine’s Day with a sweet yet sassy friend, you have to get them the right kind of gift. Try this fun sign they can put up at home or at work. They’re sure to appreciate such a heartfelt reminder of your friendship.

Score Bonus Points with a Great Book

Bosses need love, too! Score some bonus points with your head honcho at work with this thought-provoking book: Reflections on Nursing: 80 Inspiring Stories on the Art and Science of Nursing. Your manager will appreciate such a personal, memorable gift.

Gift Yourself with a Beautiful Bracelet

If you’re looking for beautiful jewelry that you can wear to work, this nurse bracelet goes great with scrubs. Silver-plated and adjustable, this statement piece is simple and sweet. Plus, “She believed she could, so she did” is the perfect message of empowerment to give to yourself.

By Aubrey Schieuer

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