Travel Nurse Specialties in High Demand

May 22nd, 2018 | Posted by hannahmchale in Travel Nursing

The travel nurse specialties that are currently in highest demand are:

1)    Medical-Surgical (Med-surg)

2)    Telemetry

3)    Emergency Room (ER)

4)    Operating Room (OR)

5)    Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Med-surg positions in Fort Wayne, IN, Philadelphia and multiple locations in PA

The single largest nurse specialty in the U.S., medical-surgical nursing, is a little bit like orchestra conducting. They juggle care for several patients, which can mean admitting and discharging, administering medications, and keeping everyone on the entire patient care team on the same page.

If Med-surg is your specialty, consider contracting for a position in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a three time All-America City Award recipient proud of its cultural scene and breadth of green space. Another city rich in American history is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where you can visit Independence Hall, where both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. Find your nurse family in the great city of brotherly love or other stellar locations throughout Pennsylvania.

Telemetry positions in Charleston, WV; Sayre, PA; Portsmouth, VA; Hazard, KY and Detroit, MI

A telemetry nurse monitors patient’s vital signs in hospitals or other clinical facilities and usually provides care to people with gastrointestinal diseases, heart failure, diabetes, and other acute diagnoses.

Telemetry positions are now open in the Northeast and Midwest depending on what fits your fancy. If you’re looking for a walkable city with a small town yet progressive nature, check out Charleston, West Virginia. Portsmouth, Virginia, is directly opposite Norfolk and is actually home to Norfolk Navy Yard, a historic and active U.S. Navy facility and enjoys miles of waterfront land on the Elizabeth River.

And don’t let the name make you leery – Hazard, Kentucky, is a great place for your next telemetry contract and also known as Queen City of the Mountains. Sayre, Pennsylvania, and Detroit, Michigan, are also great spots with telemetry openings.

ER positions in Detroit, MI

The Motor City needs emergency room nurses who are responsible for assessing the level of care required and stabilizing patients until they are seen by a doctor. Going beyond the auto industry with a personality and style all its own, Detroit is known for its music scene, architecturally significant buildings – many of which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and of course the sports teams that call Detroit home.

OR positions in Brighton, MA and Wenatchee, WA

Scrub nurses prepare the operating room for the patient ensuring a sterile environment and assist the surgical team by passing instruments during surgery. There are two main spots looking for operating nurses, and they happen to be on opposite ends of the country. Brighton is a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, with never a shortage of sights to take in and good music and eats to guarantee a good time. Wenatchee is in Washington and perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Known as a mountain gateway, the city boasts lovely riverfront parks along the picturesque Columbia River.

ICU positions in Boston, MA

Critical care nursing focuses on the highest level of care of the critically ill or unstable patients following extensive injury, surgery or life-threatening diseases. One of America’s oldest cities needs ICU nurses. Public art, theatre and museums crisscross Boston for a cultural destination to fit any taste. If you have yet to experience the exuberance that is Boston, this might be the perfect time.

Curious about shifting from permanent to travel nursing, or what states are most financially lucrative? We have an amazing team who know the ins and outs while having a deep understanding of what a career in nursing means.

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