Travel Nurse Resumes: Why and How to Keep Your Resume Up to Date

August 20th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Traveler Tips

Why Keep Your Resume Up to Date?

Even if you’re working with a staffing company on assignments as a travel nurse, demand can shift quickly and assignments can end earlier than expected. We recommend updating your resume as soon as you start a new position in the instance that you do not have availability to the software or computer you prepared your resume.

Your best bet for stress-free resume upkeep is to store your resume digitally (like Google Docs), and format it in a way that you can easily update it yourself. If you need to contact a friend or significant other to update your expertly designed resume, it may be time to find a new method. Canva is a free online software that provides easy-to-update resume templates that will allow you to keep your resume updated, not matter your location.

Important Aspects of Your Resume

Recruiters at travel nurse staffing companies are always there to help with the details that should be added or removed on your resume but they won’t necessarily know about all of your accomplishments and milestones on shift. Here’s a list of often overlooked details to add to your travel nurse resume as they occur.

Dates of Assignments, Facility Names, Supervisor

This one seems beyond obvious but move around to over 10 facilities in one year, and you may forget the name of a facility. Instead of checking back with recruitment, keep track of the date you started at that facility (your first actual day), the facility name, of course, and any supervisor information. Even if you rarely interact with a supervisor during your travel assignment, keeping excellent records will save you, and your recruiter the stress of piecing everything together.

Number of Beds

Adding the number of beds at the facilities shows potential employers  how many patients you can care for at one time, and it potentially shows the size of the facility in seconds. Number of beds is one resume detail travel nurses often forget to include. Adding this detail will also show you know what it takes to stand out in the pile of resumes.

Certifications, Licenses, Awards

You already have a section on your resume for certifications and licenses. Update these as they are acquired or updated. Don’t forget about awards and other accomplishments though! Even awards in your department that may seem inconsequential show potential employers that you are capable of accomplishing accolades in a short duration of time.

Charting Experience

As you have probably experienced when it comes to charting, there are several different types of electronic medical record systems, which may be formatted differently. All of this means a bit a training at each new facility. Showing your experience charting shows you are a fast learner, and exemplifies that you are trainable.

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