North Dakota Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel Nursing Jobs in North Dakota

With its rich Native American culture and history and Icelandic and Norwegian settlers and influences, you’ll find yourself in a state full of diversity after moving to North Dakota. Although one of the most sparsely populated states in America, North Dakota is growing quickly – in fact, it had the highest population growth rate in the country from 2010-2015. Interested in making North Dakota the next destination for your travel nurse assignment for a few months?

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Bookmark this page and use it as a guide to understand licensure details, job details, salary expectations, job demand outlook, and recently posted travel nurse jobs in North Dakota. Below you’ll have the opportunity to compare temporary and permanent licensure requirements with our easy license guide, compact licensure guide, quick licensure states, and licensure tips. From there you can learn how to earn more as a North Dakota travel nurse where you can search for ND jobs, complete the full application, contact us with questions, or use our quick application to get the process started now or read our reviews on Indeed.

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PHONE: 866.581.5038
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North Dakota Nursing License Requirements

Temp License

Timeline: 3-5 Business Days, Valid for 90 days

Cost: Included

Processing Fee: $40.00 fingerprint fee

Perm License

Timeline: 7-10 business days

Cost: $160.00 Application

Processing Fee: $40.00 fingerprint fee


Walk Thru: No

Compact: Yes



Phone Number: 701-328-9780

Fax Number: 701-328-9785

Email Address:


The North Dakota Board of Registered Nursing processes permanent licenses for Registered Nurses in approximately 3-5 Business days and is valid for 3 months. Granted, some travel nurses prefer longer assignments. If that sounds like you, the permanent license might be the key to finding top nursing jobs.

A few important factors to consider:

If you run into any trouble applying for or acquiring your RN license in ND, feel free to contact us, we'd love to help you get licensed. Below you'll find additional resources for acquiring and renewing your North Dakota Registered Nurse License. Recruiting is our job after all!

ND Nursing Licensure Resources

North Dakota Travel Nursing Adventure

ND Travel Nursing

North Dakota PPR Travel Nursing Agency

North Dakota Travel Nursing PPR Travel Nursing Agency

North Dakota is a top-paying state always in need of travel nurses in their hospitals and medical centers. PPR Travel Nursing agency is always seeking the best registered nurses, LPNs and surgical techs for travel nursing jobs throughout the state. Medical centers and private practices in North Dakota have demand that exceeds local supply. Consider the following and search our North Dakota travel nursing jobs below. After you've decided to pursue a position as a travel nurse in North Dakota, check out our North Dakota travel nurse jobs or start the full application today.

How Much Do Staff RNs Make in ND?




Our records indicate that RNs meeting PPR's travel nurse requirements on assignment in North Dakota earn above average compensation compared to other states. Some major metropolitan areas, such as Grand Forks or Fargo, report salary outlook 10-15% higher than other states hiring travel nurses in the region. Below are some of the top cities we place travel nurses. View our travel nurse job board for a list of current available assignments in North Dakota.

Even sources like Indeed, which only report on salaries offered for open positions (often closer to entry level rather than senior positions) report higher than average salaries for RNs. The median and mean salaries are both high in North Dakota but the highest-earning positions often offer at or above $80k per year. This is super enticing to travel nurses who have a great opportunity to increase their earning potential. Since most living expenses are included in or reimbursed, travel nurses working in North Dakota have even more earning potential.

Earn more as a North Dakota Travel Nurse

North Dakota Travel Nurse Job Demand

Demand: Higher than average

New Jobs 2016-24: 226,100

Annual Job Growth: 16%

Travel nursing is one of the most stable careers available for RNs looking to travel and has been for decades. One of the largest unrecognized job indicators is the increasing gap between the total number of new assignments being required compared to the irregularly low number of registered nurses getting licensed. With this in mind, we expect that there will continue to be high demand for travel nurses in North Dakota. As that gap continues to widen, you will find increasing opportunities to become a travel nurse at your desired facility.

North Dakota travel nurse agencies offer many benefits you won't find with standard registered nurse jobs anywhere else in the nation. Some nurses only search for which states have the highest paid nurses. Again - you can find high paying travel nurse assignments in any state, so it's important to consider other benefits you want in a travel nurse position. For example, registered nurses working with PPR travel nursing have the opportunity to work at a few of the most prestigious hospitals in North Dakota.

If you're considering becoming a travel nurse we'd love to work with you. We have staff available to work with you if you have any questions about how to become a traveling nurse. Accordingly, our nurse recruiters have professional placement resources to make sure your assignment is a successful one. Check out some of our current open travel nurse jobs in North Dakota.

Demand For RNs in North Dakota

Some nursing skills are in higher demand than others. In North Dakota demand for qualified registered nurses is at an all-time high. Projections for future RN demand in North Dakota indicate that this trajectory will continue to increase as the population grows and new nurses come into the field at a slower rate than new positions are opened. In short this means that most facilities in ND are looking to travel nurse agencies to help fill vacant positions. Some of the following specialties are in highest demand.

As a registered nurse, getting your travel nurse license is one of the best decisions you can make to prepare for an assignment in North Dakota. This will ensure that you make the most money, as the demand for travel nurses involves raising the salary above the national average for nursing. Registered nurses work with travel nurse agencies to find fun, high-paying jobs.

North Dakota Travel Nursing Jobs

  • Travel RN Registered Nurse in Bismarck, ND
    PPR Travel Nursing has a great opportunity for a Full Time Travel Cath Lab RN/Registered Nurse in Bismarck, North Dakota...
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