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Travel Nursing Jobs in Nevada

Las Vegas Strip Nevada Travel Nursing Jobs in Nevada

Thinking about a travel assignment in Nevada? Most of Nevada is made up of a desert and sees an average of only seven inches of rain every year. Most of the state is in the Great Basin, and even the Mojave Desert covers some of southern Nevada. But all that dry landscape is part of what makes Nevada so cool. From rock climbing to zip lining and camping out under a sea of more stars than you’ll find at a planetarium, the desert is one non-stop adventure.

Don’t worry, if you’re looking for a cooler climate, there’s always the slopes. Did you know that the name Nevada means “snow-covered?” Seems funny since it’s so dry, but it’s not named ironically. Climb up to the higher Nevada altitudes to find mountain peaks and ski resorts which are filled with just as much fun as the desert, if not more, with events, musical festivals, skiing and more throughout the year.

Beer lovers, rejoice. It’s easy to drink local in Nevada with its 21 breweries across the state. You can enjoy beer festivals throughout the year, especially in places like Vegas and Reno. Or travel just south of Carson City to drink at Genoa Bar and Saloon, Nevada’s “oldest thirst parlor” in the state’s original settlement.

Regardless of why you’re considering Nevada for a travel nurse assignment with PPR, read on to learn more about how to get started.

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Nevada RN Licensure

Temp License

Timeline: 7-10 business days, valid for 6 months

Cost: Included in perm fee

Processing Fee: N/A

Perm License

Timeline: 6-8 weeks

Cost: $110.00 Application

Processing Fee: $40.00


Walk Thru: No

Compact: No



Phone Number: 702-486-5800

Fax Number: 702-486-5803


The Nevada Board of Registered Nursing processes permanent and temporary licenses for Registered Nurses. Temporary licenses are valid for about 6 months which is perfect for travel nurses interested in two or fewer contract positions. If you're looking for longer term travel nursing contracts in Nevada, the permanent license might be the right option for you. Nevada is a walk through state and is affiliated with the Nurse Licensure Compact or Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). The Nevada Board of Registered Nursing is affiliated with NURSYS. If you run into any trouble applying for or acquiring your RN license in NV, feel free to contact us, we'd love to help you get licensed. Below you'll find additional resources for acquiring and renewing your Nevada Registered Nurse License.

RN Licensure Resources

Nevada Travel Nursing Adventure

Venetian Travel Nursing PPR Travel Nursing Jobs with PPR Travel Nursing

Hoover Dam Nevada Travel Nursing Jobs with PPR Travel Nursing

Bellagio Travel Nursing Jobs with PPR Travel Nursing Jobs

Nevada is an often overlooked outdoor destination for travel nurse assignments, and there is way more to this area than casinos and strip malls. Whether you plan to stick close to Las Vegas after your assignment, tour the state’s many hot springs, or check out the incredibly varied and diverse public lands, Nevada offers a rugged and interesting escape of any kind - plenty to see in thirteen weeks! Feeling up for a quick plunge or paddle? Explore the first chunk of adventures below, which offer beautiful bodies of water that you might be surprised to find in a state known for it’s desert scenery. If you are craving those dramatic rock formations and dry beauty Nevada has a reputation for, then learn about this area’s best places for sand, rock, and mountain adventures. Up for something altogether quirky? Nevada travel nurses can also experience man-made sights, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. If you're interested in pursuing a position as a travel nurse in Nevada, check out our jobs or apply today.

How Much Do Perm Staff RNs Make in Nevada?




Research collected from several reputable sources claim that RNs working in Nevada earn rates comparable to the national average. Some major metropolitan areas, such as Las Vegas, report average salaries as high as $84,501/year. Even sources like Indeed, which only report on salaries offered for open positions (often closer to entry level rather than senior positions) report higher than average salaries for RNs upwards of $1,526 per week. The median and mean salaries are both high in Nevada but the highest-earning positions often offer at or above $90k per year. This is super enticing to travel nurses who have a great opportunity to increase their earning potential. Since most living expenses are paid for or reimbursed, travel nurses working in Nevada have even more earning potential.

Earn more as a Travel Nurse

Is A Career In Travel Nursing Right For Me?

Job Growth State Ranking: 34th

Projected Demand 2018-30: 25,800

Fastest Growing City: Mesquite

The future of nursing as a career is very promising with plenty of nurse jobs becoming available daily. With so many new jobs being created every year combined with so few new nurses entering the workforce, it's a recipe for high demand. If you're familiar with the current demand for registered nurses and travel jobs, you might not be surprised to learn that demand will continue to increase at a similar rate to recent years. Travel nursing jobs near states like Nevada offers a number of additional benefits specifically for traveling registered nurses. Not only are you able to collect an awesome salary, but you'll also have an opportunity to work at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Travel nursing jobs require step out of your comfort zone but travel nursing positions are always available in Nevada when you're ready. If you're considering becoming a travel nurse we'd love to work with you. Check out some of our current open travel nurse jobs in Nevada.

Demand For RNs in Nevada

Demand for qualified registered nurses is at an all-time high in Nevada. Projections for future demand in travel nursing jobs indicate that this demand will continue to increase as the population grows and new nurses come into the field at a slower rate than new travel nursing positions are opened. This means that most facilities in the state with nurse jobs are looking to travel nurses to help fill vacant positions. Some travel nurse specialties are in higher demand than others. The following RN jobs and specialties have some of the highest demand.

  • Travel RN Registered Nurse in Reno, NV
    PPR Travel Nursing has a great opportunity for a Full Time Travel Home Health RN/Registered Nurse in Reno, Nevada...
    PPR Travel Nursing
    333 First Street North, Suite 200 Jacksonville Beach FL 32250 USA
    customer support [+866-581-5038]
  • Travel RN Registered Nurse in Carson City, NV
    PPR Travel Nursing has a great opportunity for a Full Time Travel Home Health RN/Registered Nurse in Carson City, Nevada...
    PPR Travel Nursing
    333 First Street North, Suite 200 Jacksonville Beach FL 32250 USA
    customer support [+866-581-5038]

PPR is an equal opportunity employer.