Nebraska Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel Nursing Jobs in Nebraska

PPR understands that travel nursing is more than a job; it’s a calling. PPR Travel Nursing can offer you exclusive positions in Nebraska with the highest pay in the industry. In addition to partnering with prestigious facilities, our nurses enjoy 48-hour work weeks and flexible-length assignments. The process of finding and fulfilling your travel nurse assignments will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Nebraska Travel Nursing Jobs with PPR Travel Nursing

Looking for a chance to go back in time and explore the Old West? It might be time to consider a travel nursing assignment in Nebraska! On your days off you can spend a day canoeing on the Niobrara River or hike the Oregon Trail, home to the Scotts Bluff National Monument. Find peace in the calm land formations by exploring Cornhusker nation and see a new point of view of rich with wildlife and history.

Travel RNs working in Omaha can experience the amazing Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, which has almost ten acres of indoor exhibits. If you want to spend time in the natural climate, visit Lake McConaughy, the largest reservoir in Nebraska. Take a break from the chaos by lounging on natural white sand beaches, enjoying a campfire by the shoreline, or fishing for the catch of the day. There’s something in the air that makes Nebraska especially rewarding if you’ve never spent significant time in flyover country.

New jobs arrive daily, so check back frequently or sign-up to receive job notices.

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Nebraska RN Licensure

Temp License

Timeline: 5-7 Days

Cost: $25.00

Processing Fee: $45.25 fingerprint fee

Perm License

Timeline: 8-10 Weeks

Cost: $123.00 Application

Processing Fee: $45.25 fingerprint fee


Walk Thru: No

Compact: Yes



Phone Number: 402-471-4376

Fax Number: 402-742-2360

Email Address: Submit via website

The Nebraska Board of Registered Nursing processes permanent licenses for Registered Nurses in approximately 5-7 business days and is valid for 60 days. Looking for longer-term travel nursing contracts? In Nebraska, the permanent license might be the right option for you. Nebraska is unfortunately not a walk thru state. Nebraska is affiliated with the Nurse Licensure Compact and the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). The Nebraska Board of Registered Nursing is affiliated with NURSYS. If you run into any trouble applying for or acquiring your RN license in NE, feel free to contact us, we'd love to help you get licensed. Below you'll find additional resources for acquiring and renewing your Nebraska Registered Nurse License.

RN Licensure Resources

Nebraska Travel Nursing Adventure

Rn NE Travel Nursing Jobs PPR Travel Nursing

NE Travel RN Jobs PPR Travel Nursing

NE RN Travel Nursing Jobs PPR

Nebraska hospitals and medical centers are constantly seeking RNs, LPNs and surgical techs for travel nursing jobs throughout the Midwestern state. We have hundreds of job openings in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, medical centers and private practices. Search our Nebraska travel nursing jobs below. If you're interested in pursuing a position as a travel nurse in Nebraska, check out our jobs or apply today.

How Much Do Staff RNs Make in NE?




Our records indicate that RNs traveling in Nebraska earn above average compensation compared to other states. Some major metropolitan areas, such as Nebraska or Lincoln, report salary outlook 10-15% higher than other states hiring travel nurses in the Midwest.

Even sources like Indeed, which only report on salaries offered for open positions (often closer to entry level rather than senior positions) report higher than average salaries for RNs. The median and mean salaries are both high in Nebraska but the highest-earning positions often offer at or above $80k per year. This is super enticing to travel nurses who have a great opportunity to increase their earning potential. Since most living expenses are paid for or reimbursed travel nurses working in Nebraska have even more earning potential.

Earn more as a Nerbaska Travel Nurse

Nebraska Travel Nurse Job Demand

Demand: Higher than average

New Jobs 2016-24: 226,100

Annual Job Growth: 16%

Nebraska travel nursing jobs offer many benefits you won't find with standard registered nurse jobs anywhere else in the country. Travel RNs with PPR travel nursing have the opportunity to work at a few of the most prestigious hospitals in the nation. Our team at PPR is excited to help you get started traveling as nursing - especially travel nursing - is one of the most stable careers available and has been for decades. One of the largest unrecognized job indicators is the increasing gap between the total number of new jobs being created compared to the irregularly low number of registered nurses getting licensed. Because of this gap, we expect that there will continue to be high demand for travel nurses in Nebraska. As that gap continues to widen, you will find increasing opportunities to become a travel nurse at your desired facility.

If you're considering becoming a travel nurse we'd love to work with you. Check out some of our current open travel nurse jobs in Nebraska.

Demand For RNs in Nebraska

Depending on your specialty, you may find that some nursing skills are in higher demand than others. In Nebraska specifically, demand for qualified registered nurses is at an all-time high. Projections for future RN demand in Nebraska indicate that this demand will continue to increase as the population grows and new nurses come into the field at a slower rate than new positions are opened. This means that most facilities in Nebraska are looking to travel nurses to help fill vacant positions. Some of the following specialties are in highest demand.

Nebraska Travel Nursing Jobs

  • Travel RN Registered Nurse in Winnebago, NE
    PPR Travel Nursing has a great opportunity for a Part Time Travel ER - MedSurg RN/Registered Nurse in Winnebago, Nebraska...
    PPR Travel Nursing
    333 First Street North, Suite 200 Jacksonville Beach FL 32250 USA
    customer support [+866-581-5038]
  • Travel RN Registered Nurse in Scottsbluff, NE
    PPR Travel Nursing has a great opportunity for a Full Time Travel MedSurg RN/Registered Nurse in Scottsbluff, Nebraska...
    PPR Travel Nursing
    333 First Street North, Suite 200 Jacksonville Beach FL 32250 USA
    customer support [+866-581-5038]
  • Travel RN Registered Nurse in Lincoln, NE
    PPR Travel Nursing has a great opportunity for a Full Time Travel ICU RN/Registered Nurse in Lincoln, Nebraska...
    PPR Travel Nursing
    333 First Street North, Suite 200 Jacksonville Beach FL 32250 USA
    customer support [+866-581-5038]

PPR is an equal opportunity employer.