Nationwide Travel Nurse Jobs

Nationwide Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel Nurse Jobs

Since 1996 PPR Travel Nursing has provided dynamic career opportunities for registered nurses nationwide. In our 20+ years providing high paying travel nurse jobs, we’ve perfected our customer experience. With an industry-leading benefits package and tenured recruiters who are passionate, empathetic and value-oriented we’ve built a community more than a company.

Travel Nursing Benefits with PPR:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Industry-leading health insurance plans
  • Paid private housing or housing stipends
  • License and travel reimbursements
  • 401k
  • Generous referral bonus
  • Travel with family, friends, and pets

At PPR we’re always looking for ways to provide a better experience for our travel nurses. That’s why we offer expanded hours assignments for travel nurses looking to maximize their compensation.

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How Much Do Staff RNs Make?




According to several sources, including the BLS, nurses stand to earn an average pay of around $68,450 per year. The numbers above are median incomes based on 2016 BLS surveys. On top of these pay rates there's a lot of additional earning potential in the form of bonuses, travel nursing pay, and much more. For instance, the highest median salaries for registered nurses are in the Northeast and West. Of the 20 states where RNs earn the most 9 of them are in the west (CA, OR, WA, HI, NV, AZ, CO, TX, AK) and 8 are in the Northeast (NY, MA, NJ, MD, DC, CT, RI, DE). According to GlassDoor the yearly national average salary for RNs is $65,976. This number is most likely lower than the median salary provided by BLS because entry-level positions are dragging the average down. The data provided by GlassDoor is based on over 40,000 anonymous salary reports by registered nurses.

We've compiled data from several trusted salary information sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, GlassDoor, Payscale, and

Earn more as a Travel Nurse

RN Licensure

As a travel nurse, you can gain access to additional opportunities by preemptively obtaining RN licenses for multiple states, the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) or Nurse Licensure Compact. Many states take several weeks to upwards of more than a month to process nurse license applications. If you're considering taking a travel assignment, it's wise to start applying sooner, rather than later. Because every state licensure board is self-governed, finding all the necessary information to submit an application can be difficult on your own. That's why we've compiled every states licensure information in one easy to use resource. Just navigate to the region & state you want to obtain a license from and follow the steps. Below you'll find additional licensure resources to aid in the journey to your next travel adventure.

RN Licensure Resources

What Does The Future of Nursing Look Like?

Number of Jobs: 2,955,200

New Jobs 2016-26: 438,100

Annual Openings: 105,260

According to several sources, including the BLS, the number of jobs for registered nurses are going up in a major way over the next decade. Based on data collected in 2016, they estimate nearly half a million new jobs for RNs from 2016 to 2026. The BLS also claims that nurses rank number one in most annual job openings among all occupations requiring a minimum of an associates degree. That's kind of a mouthful but what it means is that there over 100,000 jobs for RNs opening every year. Becoming an RN is a difficult path. This doesn't appear to be changing much in the near future. With record numbers of applicants being turned away from nursing baccalaureate and graduate programs, combined with record high demand, estimates on average salaries are expected to increase as well.

High Demand Nursing Specialties

RN's are always in high demand. The specialties listed below are particularly high in demand currently. Click the links to find our open travel nursing positions.

PPR is an equal opportunity employer.

Travel Nursing Jobs