Top Job Boards For Travel Nurses

February 27th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips, Traveler Tips

You’re probably here because you’re asking yourself, “where’s the best place to find travel nursing jobs?” Well, you’ve found it. This guide will provide you with all the information necessary to find and apply for travel nursing jobs all over the country. The websites and job search engines listed below are the top job boards for travel nurses looking for new contract positions. In practice, the best places to find travel nurse jobs are the places that travel nursing agencies are posting and promoting them.


– Indeed is the number one job board online. Most travel nursing agencies post their jobs there (including us) and for good reason. It’s the largest community of job seekers online with over 200 million unique monthly visitors. In 2017 from June to September Indeed reported that they recorded over 3.3 million searches for “Registered Nurse”. That doesn’t account for specialty searches such as “Registered Nurse – Operating Room” or “Registered Nurse – Medical/Surgical” which accounted for over half a million searches in that same time frame. Indeed also provides company pages where they aggregate information about jobs, salaries and provide reviews from travel nurses like you. Some of the other job boards on this list are great for travel nurses, Indeed is great for all nurses. Whether you’re looking for per diem, travel or permanent positions, Indeed is the best job board for nurses.


– Travel Nursing Agencies love ZipRecruiter because nurses love ZipRecruiter. Their email alert system, ZipAlerts, delivers travel nurse jobs to your email inbox at your preferred intervals.  Many other job boards offer this type of email notification system but ZipRecruiter is popular among travel nursing agencies which makes it a great place to find travel nurse jobs. In fact, we have a job alerts system as well. When you search our jobs and apply, make sure you check the “job alerts” box.

Travel Nurse Source

– When it comes to places that travel nursing agencies are promoting their jobs, Travel Nurse Source should always be included in the discussion. This job board is designed specifically for travel nursing. The employer dashboard is tailored for travel nurse companies and the site is a popular place for nurses to find work.

Google Job Search

– In 2017 Google released an update featuring jobs directly in search results. The result has been a streamlined user experience for nurses looking for jobs. Google job search is not exclusively limited to travel positions but many major job boards like ZipRecruiter post their jobs to Google and should be included here. And even though Google isn’t technically a job board, it is one of the best places online for nurses to find travel positions.


– The professional social network has over 450 million users and features a robust job posting community. Linkedin would most likely be higher on our list except for the fact that their monthly active user count is much lower than their total users. Linkedin is popular among recruiters and travel nurse companies. While it might not be the best place to find travel nurse job listings, it’s a good place to be active if you’re looking for a firm to work with. Once you find one that you’re interested in it will give you a chance to network with nurses currently working for the firm you’re researching.

Nurse Recruiter

– Another great niche nursing job board, Nurse Recruiter does more than just connecting nurses with jobs. Nurse Recruiter is a recruitment resource whose goal is to “see that quality healthcare professionals get quality jobs and that important positions do not go unfilled”. They produce some great content on their blog which is useful for nurses as well as recruiters. They even offer a scholarship for prospective nursing students. With so much effort put into providing useful information and generous offerings like the scholarship, Nurse Recruiter has created their own community of like-minded healthcare professionals and staffing agencies working together to provide a better experience for all.


– J2C was founded in 2010 and has quickly grown to become an impressive job board. The company has won several awards and been included in the Inc. 5000 multiple times. When it comes to helping nurses find jobs it’s no surprise that they excel at that too. The streamlined design of the site and easy to use features make finding and applying for jobs on J2C. The employer user experience and their unique service offerings are especially enticing to staffing agencies which makes J2C a clear choice for nurses looking for travel positions.

Gypsy Nurse

– What was once a blog managed by travel nurse Candy Treft has grown into one of the most well known travel nursing communities online. The job board has some very valuable features for travel nurses including housing options, salary calculators and much more. Most of these tools are located right on the job listing so you can find the perfect travel nursing position right then and there.


– Some jobs seem too  good to be true. At GlassDoor you can research the agency you’ve been talking to in order to make sure they’re on the up and up. Even with thousands of travel nurse job listings, the ability to read reviews from nurses who have already worked with the agency might be the most intriguing factor. With GlassDoor in your arsenal of the best job boards for travel nurses you’ll never get fooled twice.

Traveler Talk

– Traveler Talk has a job group specifically designed to connect travelers and recruiters in a meaningful way during the job search process. Only subscribing recruiters and agencies are allowed to join the group. Travelers are able to post as needed. All jobs posted are required to have the rates broken down and must be greater than $18 taxable per hour. 

Thanks for reading! For more great content about travel nursing please feel free to check out our blog. If you’re interested in finding a travel nurse job with us view our job listings or easily apply today.

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