Tips for Travel Nursing with Pets

January 18th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips, Traveler Tips

By Sarah Wengert

What’s an adventure in travel nursing without a furry sidekick? Pet lovers who want to make it as a travel nurse will need to plan ahead to successfully travel with their animal(s). You can totally make it work with just a little bit of foresight and a solid game plan — and your assignment will be even richer for it. Here are a few helpful tips for travel nursing with pets to help you and your animal companions hit the road!

Work with a Pet-Friendly Company

This will be your number one key to success when travel nursing with pets. If you plan to bring pets along, working with a pet-friendly company is an important foundation to your success. While not every company is pet-friendly, many consider this an important benefit for Travelers — including PPR! For those who take our paid housing, we work to help find you a great pad that can accommodate your pet(s). If traveling with pets is important to you, be sure to ask when interviewing recruiters and make sure you sign with a company that can help you out.

Plan for Success

Once you have secured pet-friendly housing, make a plan for everything you’ll need to consider and plan ahead for when it comes to traveling with your pets. Depending on your pet’s needs, consider things like if you need to buy a carrier/kennel or any other new supplies/accessories for the journey or destination, or if you want to schedule an appointment with your favorite vet before you leave town. You should also think through the process of getting there and arriving. Will your pet need any supplies or accomodations for the road? And when you arrive at your new home, what’s your plan for helping your pet adjust to the new environment? Make sure they have everything they need — including your attention. Even though you’ll soon be busy adjusting on your own to a new city and job, make sure that you make time for routine play, walks, grooming. Whatever your pet is used to, be sure to conduct business as usual to help them adjust.

Educate Yourself on Local Services & Opportunities

Plan ahead and do some research about pet services and attractions in your new city. Figure out where you’ll purchase your food, the location of some great dog parks, and where you can patronize some dog-friendly businneses in the area. And even if you took your pet in for a check-up before traveling to your new location, you should identify a nearby local vet you can visit in case of emergency. Search Yelp or Google reviews, or ask your new co-workers who have pets — it could be a great way to get acquainted by discussing a topic you’re both passionate about!

 We hope this tips for travel nursing with pets assure you that it’s completely doable to hit the road with your beloved animals in tow. So, where do you and your furry friend want to go next?! Click here to search jobs and find your next big travel nurse adventure!


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