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Tips for Travel Nurses Traveling with a Cat

July 11th, 2017 | Posted by Amber in Travel Nursing

Don’t go on your next travel nursing assignment without your cat.

Instead, take them with you on the road with these tips for traveling with a cat for travel nurses.

Practice Makes Purrfect

Before you hit the road for your next assignment, take a few short practice trips to practice traveling with your cat! Try trips of 30-45 minutes and see how it goes. Short trips are a great way to get them used to the car for a more relaxed ride.

Keep Your Cat Contained

For optimized safety, while driving, it’s important to keep your cat contained in the car. If your worried your cat won’t like the carrier, start by putting them in it around the house. Next, try short trips in the car.

Never Leave Your Cat in the Car

Cars can get hot in seconds. Never leave your cat unattended. Doing so could turn into a life or death matter. Better safe than sorry.

Let Your Vet Know Before You Go

Your veterinarian is a great resource to consult about traveling with you cat. They may even suggest medication to help your pet relax on the road.

Pack Accordingly

Make a travel cat checklist consisting of food, bottled water, a collar, leash and any other supplies you need to pack. You want to travel smart and be prepared for whatever your furry friend may need.

Plan Your Stops and Stays

You don’t want to leave without having a plan of where you can stop and stay. Not all hotels allow cats. Using Airbnb might be a better option. Have more questions about going on a travel nursing assignment with your cat? Contact us today at!

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