The Importance of a Recruiter-Travel Nurse Relationship – Part 3

December 20th, 2017 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing

We interviewed a few of our travel nurse recruiters to get their perspective on what makes a great recruiter/travel nurse relationship. Here is John Marshall’s take on the importance of a strong recruiter/nurse relationship.

What should a nurse look for in a recruiter?

“Honesty, transparency, and natural chemistry. They need to look for a recruiter who is easy to talk to. I have nurses that range from age 23 to 64 and I have been able to form a friendship with all of them.”

What qualities make the best recruiter?

“Organization and enthusiasm.”

What do you do to separate yourself from other recruiters?

“I like to know at least one fun fact about each of my nurses and send them personal gifts. I once sent a nurse wine from the vineyard nearby her previous assignment.”

Here’s what a couple of John’s nurses had to say:

“What characteristics make a good recruiter?
Organized, helpful, and respectful. I appreciate that John listens to what I want and does not push me to do anything I don’t want to do. He answers all my questions or gets me in contact with the right people to help me. He is very personable, and funny and respects what my goals are as a traveler.

What are the things you love about being a traveler?
I love seeing new places and meeting new people. It is so interesting to see how other hospitals are run and I am constantly learning new things. It’s fun to explore and experience the local life. Traveling has helped me grow as a person, I have become more independent and I will have friends all over the US!

What makes you think we get along so well as a team!
John treats me like family. He genuinely cares about my experience. I feel comfortable talking with him and I know he is available when I need him. I appreciate that there are no smoke and mirrors with our relationship, I trust him and know that he has my best interests.

It is a pleasure to work with John and a privilege to work for PPR.” -Michelle Seither

“What characteristics make a good recruiter:
A good recruiter knows the best qualities and skill levels of their travelers. They also know their weaknesses. I believe recruiters also recognize the red flags from potential employers to keep their travelers from making dangerous decisions in regards to contracts.

What are the things you love about being a traveler:
I love the flexibility. I can make my schedule and decide how much OT and call I can take. I also take every assignment as a learning opportunity, which has expanded my background as a nurse. There is always something new for me to take with me to the next assignment to teach others. Teaching new grads and new OR staff has also been a rewarding experience at every facility. Lastly, I get to enjoy all the scenic locations of the hospitals. What is there not to love about Hawaii?

What makes you think we get along so well as a team:
We know what we both want in an assignment. This has been huge for me because I’ve gone through an interesting life transition when I met John. This man has helped me become a stronger, independent person. He knows what I want out of every contract. He came to me at a time in my life when I needed the push to do something great with my nursing skills and I’m so grateful we have made a great team every step of the way.” – Laura Barnhart

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