The Importance of a Recruiter-Travel Nurse Relationship – Part 2

December 11th, 2017 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing

We interviewed a few of our travel nurse recruiters to get their perspective on what makes a great recruiter/travel nurse relationship. Here is Jessica Gaskin’s take on the importance of a strong recruiter/nurse relationship.

What should a nurse look for in a recruiter?

“Reliability and speed. A nurse needs to feel like he or she is not just a number. A lot of nurses ask me how many nurses I am working with to make sure I am not too busy to take them on. I like to know how many agencies a nurse is working with. Nurses who are more responsive tend to be a better match for me.”

What qualities make the best recruiter?

“Passion for the job. You want a recruiter who is invested and happy in their job.”

What do you do to separate yourself from other recruiters?

“Managing expectations and exceeding them. I like to under-promise and over-deliver. My nurses and I have a mutual level of respect for each other. “

Here’s what a couple of Jessica’s nurses had to say:

“I LOVE working with Jessica! She has been so incredible with making sure that each place I travel fits me and my needs! I have heard of a lot of travelers who have bad experiences with their recruiters because they place them where they are needed and not what they excited about going. Even when I have struggled in my assignment she has been behind me 100% and encourages me to keep going! To me I think what makes a great recruiter is someone who listens, encourages, supports and advocates for their travelers! I can honestly say that Jessica encompasses each trait! I am so thankful for her and I am excited to see where else she takes me!” -Jennifer Hovey

“Jess has been an amazing recruiter from the start of my journey. She was helping me with my first travel assignment and knew how nervous I felt about starting this adventure. Jessica was able to use her knowledge and experience to help me feel more comfortable about taking my first assignment. She also knew that there was ONE place that I wanted to start my assignment. This was in Kansas City, where I grew up and where my family still lives. She knew this was important for me and did everything she could to get me an assignment there. Unfortunately, there weren’t many jobs available in Kansas City. Then one evening, (after hours), I get a text from Jess saying that she submitted me for this ER job in Kansas City. I got an interview the next day and an offer on the spot. She worked tirelessly to get me set up for this job and was ALWAYS available to answer my neurotic, first time traveler texts. Jess is always available when I need her or if I just want to talk. She has been amazing from the beginning and continues to be.

I think this is important when deciding on a recruiter to work with. Communication and honesty is always the most important for me when it comes to a recruiter. She is always open with me, whether it be about pay packages, hospitals, or the city in general. She is always willing to add insight to each and every assignment/job. She has so much knowledge about the field and that is helpful for me, especially as a new-ish traveler. She is also willing to take a text to answer questions at all times, whether it be during office hours at her work number or texts on the weekends on her personal phone when you get calls for interviews. Also, if she doesn’t know an answer, she will send emails to others in the PPR office to find answers. She is also super proactive when she knows she is going to be gone from the office. She ALWAYS sends emails or texts to inform her nurses that [insert another PPR recruiter] will be available to answer any and ALL questions while she is out of the office. I think she is a fantastic recruiter and I always recommend her to every single person who expresses interest in traveling. I cannot wait to continue working with Jessica and PPR!! “-Lauren Gilliland

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