The Best 2019 Travel Destinations

February 16th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Uncategorized

By Sarah Wengert

With 2019 off to a roaring start, now’s about the time of year when we’ve all recovered from the holiday hangover, processed the earnest do-better sincerity of January, and are ready to get really real about what we want for ourselves this year. Travel nurses, of course, each have their own set of reasoning as to how they choose their assignment locations, but it can’t hurt to hear from the experts, right? That’s why we’re referencing Forbes’ list of best 2019 travel destinations in this blog!

The list is pulled from a group of “14 of the most plugged-in travel experts and influencers to find out the top places that are on their radars for 2019.” Most folks will just consult the Forbes list as a mean for deciding to spend a long weekend or a week at best, but not you, intrepid traveler! You can use this great info to find your next home for 13 weeks or more. Or maybe one of these fine locales is within day trip distance of your next assignment — that totally works too!

Without further ado, here are the best 2019 travel destinations:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Nashville, Tennessee

Fort Collins, Colorado

Upstate New York

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Palm Springs, California

South Dakota

Baltimore, Maryland

Charleston, South Carolina

Colonial and Greater Williamsburg, Virginia

North Adams and Williamstown, Massachusetts

To learn more about these incredible 2019 destinations, you can read the Forbes article in its entirety. Then be sure to search PPR’s jobs and find your next perfect location!



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