The Bean Town

January 14th, 2014 | Posted by Amber in Education Services, Travel Nursing, Traveler Tips images

The Eastern Seaboard is home to some of the country’s greatest cities: New York (The Big Apple), Philadelphia (The City of Brotherly Love), and Boston, otherwise known as–Bean Town. Ha. What a great nickname for a city

It seems Boston is always playing second fiddle to New York. Having traveled to Boston on business a few years ago, I had an opportunity to explore a city steeped in history that has a really modern twist. From pre-colonial homes to post-modern skyscrapers, Boston is a sprawling metropolis with friendly people, a vibrant art scene, and a ton of activities to keep anyone occupied. In fact Jim Gaffigan will be at the Wilbur Theater next week!

Now all that sounds great, but it’s tough to spend an extended amount of time in Boston if you can’t find a job. That’s another great thing about Boston. There are a ton of opportunities for nurses, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. In fact, if you wanted to stay in Boston indefinitely on a contract assignment, you could most likely do that.

I highly recommend Boston as a city to visit. And oh yea, you can always hop on a train to New York and Philadelphia if you get the time!

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  1. Canea Carothers says:

    I just spent 6 months on assignment in Boston and absolutely loved the area. My plan is to head back in the spring. So much to do and great hospitals.

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