Searching for Cheap Travel Nurse Activities this Summer? Look Outside!

June 25th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips, Traveler Tips

While it can be tempting to take a break from your travel nurse schedule and get out of dodge, it can also be an excellent time to buckle down and save money. Just because you’re working over the summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your assignment city. If you’re looking for cheap activities this summer—look outside! No matter your athletic ability, there’s plenty to do in states like Vermont, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Iowa, and more.


Beaches are an inexpensive and fun way to get outdoors, just don’t forget the SPF. States like Oregon and Washington have beautiful, rugged beaches waiting to be explored. Cape Lookout in Oregon is undeveloped, meaning all you’ll find is campsites here, no hotels, ice cream stands, or arcades. The beach is pristinely clean, and can get very warm in summer months—over 80 degrees. Lincoln City is another Coastal Oregon town that’s one part fun touristy beach, one part city with glass art studios, cultural centers, farmers markets, and more.

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Island Hop

Travel nurses in Washington can island hop, no joke! There are over 13 islands either accessible by car or ferry from the mainland of Washington. Views of nature abound on islands such as Whidbey Island, Orcas Island, San Juan Island, and more. San Juan Island for example has inexpensive bike rental, hiking trails, walking paths, views of the ocean, and kayaking routes—all within hours from the city.

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Don’t overlook the lakes in travel nurse destinations like Michigan, North Dakota, and Iowa for water activities. Lake Michigan on the Michigan side is known for its spectacular beaches and family fun activities. Check out the West Michigan Pike for a string of adorable towns on one string of road. Here you’ll find craft beer breweries or wineries along the way, if you should need to imbibe.


People in the Pacific Northwest love hiking so much, they left a forest within the city undeveloped just for hiking. Take Forest Park (creative name, huh?) in Portland, Oregon — it’s one of the largest undeveloped parks in the U.S. with a plethora of trails. Check out one of these eight trails if your assignment is in Portland, or near Vancouver, Washington.

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For travel nurses in the Seattle surrounding area, check out Mount Si conveniently located off I-90. Mount Si isn’t extremely difficult, and you can post up at the first lookout and gawk at the Cascades rolling out to the south.

Traveling East, states for travel nurses like Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine. For instance, the White Mountain National Forest is chock full of paths, and located near one of our facility cities of Caribou.

Explore Mountains

With its towering, awe-inspiring mountains, and dramatic lakes — New Hampshire is a natural draw for people who like to get outdoors and explore. Everything from paragliding to a basic hike is possible in New Hampshire. For a super low-key afternoon check out Grafton County in the state’s mountainous region. Here you’ll find walking and hiking trails, recreational areas, campground areas, picnic tables, and grills for a relaxing afternoon.

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Quick apply in seconds to spend the next 13 weeks exploring new trails, mountains, and parks in one of these gorgeous states.


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