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Travel Nurse Resources

At PPR we like to think of ourselves as more than just a travel nurse staffing company. Our goal is to provide nurses like yourself with an exceptional career experience. That means providing more than awesome travel nursing jobs in fun locations. Our team has gone to great lengths to curate resources for travel nurses that not only make working with us easier but also empower you to grow as a professional and take your career to greater heights.


At PPR we put you first. That means we go above and beyond to provide you with the best possible service and care when you take a travel nurse assignment with us. That being said, we know that money is a major factor in deciding to take on a travel nursing job. That's why we provide a comprehensive benefits package along with highly competitive compensation. From health coverage to reimbursements and stipends, we make sure that you have an opportunity to increase your earning potential while also taking away the worry associated with working away from home. Paid housing, referral bonuses, and 24-hour support are just a few of the benefits our travelers enjoy while on assignment.

Compensation & Reimbursements

Making good money on contract is key, and as a travel nurse, you'll have a lot of opportunity for increasing earning potential. However, it's not always in the form of base pay. There are many untaxed forms of compensation and assistance that we provide that can save you money as well. We offer the ability to customize our pay packages in order to allow you to choose how you want to be reimbursed for your travel nurse job. Our pay packages are customizable so you control your salary. With 401K & Roth 401K options, tax-free expense reimbursement, health savings accounts, and housing stipends you can pick and choose how you want to be paid and ultimately, how much you get paid.

  • Customizable Pay Packages
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Weekly Payroll

  • 401K & Roth 401K
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Health Savings Account

  • Housing Stipends
  • Meals & Incidentals/Per Diem
  • License Reimbursement

  • Generous Referral Bonus
  • Expanded Hours Assignments Available

Health Coverage

When you take on a travel nursing job with us we make sure you have the best health coverage options. We provide everything from vision plans to dental plans and several comprehensive health insurance plans for you to choose from. For more information about our health insurance plans reach out to a recruiter.


Travel Nurse Company BenefitsEvery travel nurse job is different and often times you might have another option for housing outside of what we offer. That's why in addition to offering furnshed paid housing, we also offer housing stipends for you to find your own place while on assignment. When it comes to the paid housing, we cover everything. All rent and utilities are paid for and all units are furnished with TVs and other amenities. Housewares such as pots and pans, bedding, and towels are all provided by us. If you want to travel with a pet, no problem. Our paid housing is also pet friendly. If you opt for a housing stipend, you choose where you want to stay and we'll give you the money to pay for it.

PPR Loves Benefits

We appreciate the work that you do every day providing care for individuals and support for their families. When you accept a travel nurse job with PPR, we are truly happy to be working with you. To show our appreciation, we offer an array of additional benefits that other travel nursing companies can't. It starts with cancellation protection so you don't get burned for canceling an assignment due to personal, or professional reasons. We also offer one forgiveness day per contract which can be huge. Especially for new travelers who might not be used to the ins-and-outs of a travel nurse job. We offer these things so that you feel comfortable working with us and taking on an assignment away from home. You're never walking on eggshells with PPR, we clear the way for you. Our team of tenured recruiters are passionate about playing a part in the care of patients around the country and we're even more proud of the adventures we provide our travel nurses. With 24-hour support lines for housing and clinical support we want you to feel like you can reach us any time. We even have online chat to make communicating with us easier. Our goal is to not only build a lasting relationship with you but hopefully, we impress you so much that you refer your friends to work with us too. Have any questions about your benefits? Contact us today.

Travel Nursing Jobs

PPR Travel Nursing provides nurse staffing services to hospital systems nationwide creating one of the largest networks of travel RN positions in the US. With so many options available it's no wonder our nurses love working with us. The available positions listed below are organized by specialty. If you don't find your specialty here browse all our jobs here.

How Much Do Registered Nurses Make?

Average Perm Staff RN Salary




The numbers above are based on the national median for Perm Staff Registered Nurse salaries. Travel nurses have a much greater earning potential due to paid housing, incidentals stipends, bonuses, and reimbursement packages. According to aggregate numbers from several reputable sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses earn a median salary of about $72k per year. Travel nurse pay varies greatly from state to state and specialty to specialty. For that reason, averages can often be misleading. Even factoring median salaries, rather than mean, can be inaccurate. Several other factors such as years of experience, labor disputes in the city/state, quality of the facility, and your certifications can have an impact on your earning potential as a travel nurse. The top 5 highest paying cities in the country are all located in California with San Francisco in the top position at about $136,610 per year. It's important to note that with paid housing/housing stipends and incidentals reimbursement the higher cost of living in an area like this is mitigated so you can actually take home a substantial salary. The top 5 highest paying states are almost all on the west coast with a few outliers in Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Alaska. California again is at the top with a median salary for registered nurses of about $100k per year. Oregon is also on this list with a median salary for RNs of about $87k per year. Washington, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Deleware, and Nevada are among the higher paying states for RNs as well. The top 5 highest paying registered nurse specialties are Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), Pain Management Nurses, Neonatal Nurses, Critical Care Nurses, and Medical-Surgical Nurses.

Salary data can vary widely from source to source. This is primarily due to the method they each use to generate this information. The BLS data comes from surveys that they perform every couple of years. The last BLS survey was conducted in 2016 and true salaries may be quite different now. Sources such as GlassDoor also crowdsource their statistics from nurses working in the field. Furthermore, sites like Indeed provide salary information based on the pay that employers are offering for positions. Since many of these can be entry-level positions their data can skew the results. Also, since their data is based on current hiring trends it can be more accurate than some other datasets but will fluctuate from month to month. In compiling this information we've done our best to find a happy medium that takes all these variables into account. That being said, it's difficult to factor in things like stipends, reimbursements, and other untaxed compensation that travel nurses enjoy. We believe it's fair to assume that the median travel nurse salary is a decent amount higher than the medians listed above for staff RNs.

We've compiled data from several trusted salary information sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, GlassDoor, Payscale, and

Earn more as a Travel Nurse


One of the biggest hurdles in starting your first travel nurse job is acquiring a license to practice nursing in the state you're traveling to. Many states participate in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC), or are what's called "Walk through States". For those states, it can be much simpler to get licensed as you can obtain licenses for multiple states all at once. However, many states such as California don't participate in these programs. If the state you're looking to apply to doesn't participate you'll have to go through their board of nursing to get a license. Each state has their own board with their own procedures, processing timelines, and specific application requirements. Each individual state also has different fees and temporary license offerings. For that reason, we've compiled a robust travel nurse licensure resource that can be accessed by visiting the links above or by browsing the licensure resources below.