Paperwork Tips and Tricks

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Traveling and paperwork seem to go hand and hand, so it’s crucial to be (or try to be!) organized. Here are some helpful tips to make this part of the job easier. Part of that means rounding up all your credentialing paperwork, and there are some things you can do to get a leg up.

Here are a few suggestions

Get an accordion folder or download an app to store files:

Something to start filing things, but is easy enough to travel with. You will want to keep everything from immunization records to contracts to receipts while on assignment. Start early and clean them out on a yearly basis.

Start collecting paperwork:

No matter what hospital you go to, you will need the basic Joint Commission requirements for that hospital. Below is a list of things to start gathering.

  • Copies of current certifications
  • Copies of all current licensure
  • Physical (need a form? Ask your recruiter!)
  • PPD/TB test
  • Driver’s license
  • Immunizations
  • SSN/Passport (for I9, depending on what docs you use)
  • TB mask fit test
  • Flu shot records

Check expiration dates:

Look at your current certifications, driver’s license, anything that has an expiration date to see if it will be expiring in the next few months (while you won’t be at your home base) and try to update it before you hit the road.

Licensure planning:

If you know you want to go to a “hard-to-get-licensed state”— start working on your license early! If you have the license in hand, it will make submitting much easier.

Start dates:

Make sure you request a start date that fits your schedule. If you know you’re working for the next four nights, you probably won’t have time to get paperwork done for a Monday start.

Expect a lot to do:

Not every hospital will have crazy requirements, but since many of them have hospital-specific online modules or paperwork, make sure you have set aside time to work on items well before your due date. Most hospitals have VERY early due dates for paperwork and will NOT release first-day information until you are cleared to start—which means waiting until Friday afternoon if you don’t complete what’s expected.