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If you’re considering finding and recruiting travel nurses for your facility you may likely find yourself inundated with excessive options for travel nurse staffing companies. Your course of action may take months of planning if you’re a part of a larger hospital or medical center. Fortunately, you can use a few tips from our healthcare recruitment professionals at PPR Travel Nursing to streamline your staffing needs. We’ll walk you through the importance of anticipating demand, interviewing efficiently, and putting your best foot forward to attract and retain a quality candidate without wasting time.

While the decision is ultimately up to you, we want to share some of our methodologies specific to travel nurse staffing to give you a leg up when you find yourself short-staffed or reviewing your staffing model for the upcoming quarter. Your next decision is to connect with and vet healthcare recruitment companies that can offer flexible, cost-effective staffing services to match your unique needs.

Lead Time In Travel Nurse Staffing

Per the transitory nature of travel nursing, supply and demand are continually fluctuating to both address today’s needs and predict what tomorrows’ will look like.

There are some built-in benefits to longer lead times, though many larger travel nursing companies can adequately augment quicker turnaround orders. The base benefit of longer lead times is the opportunity for more qualified candidates to consider. Forecasting your travel nurse needs 1-2 months ahead of time is ideal for larger facilities or hard-to-fill positions.

You may not have an exact number of how many beds will be opening weeks or months ahead of time, but that’s no excuse for not planning proactively to support your current staff. Save yourself some stress by starting to look at indicators of staffing prerequisites, such as maternity leave. This is an over-simplified example to demonstrate that much of your travel nurse needs may be easier to anticipate than you might expect. The consequence of delays, under-staffing, or underqualified travel nurse talent is not worth the headache, and your staff will appreciate your initiative when you deliver travel nurses that can competently handle patients with few or no breaks in protocol or procedures.

Overachievers may begin the search for travel nurse staffing 90-180 days prior to assignment start dates. With an eye to the future, staffing agencies can concentrate on building a pipeline specifically for your facility, instead of sifting through candidates that may not be interested in a specific location or line of work. Travel nurses are in high demand, and long lead times give the benefit to nurses who may be proactive in their search as well. Travel RN job orders placed mere weeks prior to a start date face the brutal yet common reality that current travelers often juggle several offers at a time and will typically extend or accept another assignment far in advance of their contract completion date.

By opening the door to travelers early and often you enable your staff to sift through the experience of potential long-term travel staff or full-time hires. Contact us today to learn more about how to build a staffing model that fits your unique circumstances.

Travel Nurse Staffing At Scale

Just as having a lack of qualified travel nursing candidates would prove difficult to justify filling your order with a healthcare staffing agency, mismanaged and broadly defined job orders can foster an environment where you don’t speak directly to the needs of your facility. A lack of detailed information, regardless of the complexity or count of travelers requested, will reduce the chance of finding an ideal long-term match.

Specificity benefits our account managers and recruiters by painting a more complete picture of necessary skills, experience, and competence. Slight variations in the levels of any of those three characteristics may lead to fundamentally different trajectories in terms of the cost-effectiveness and compatibility with your existing employees. How would a seasoned traveler with multiple specialties that can float compare to several single-specialty travel nurses? These decisions ideally are made with the highly contextualized information you provide early on in the process of finding and hiring travel nurses.

Travel nurse profiles that fit your job order will be relayed to you with a host of options for each open position. PPR may include a completed application, skills lists, and references.

The laborious process begins of filtering through travelers faster than they will inevitably become unavailable due to another facility responding in a more timely manner. There is a condensed window for a traveler to consider you, which is why any spark of interest on your behalf must result in either you or your account manager notifying the candidate as soon as possible. Travelers have uniquely distinct timeframes for job searching during which they will take the best assignment available, which may or may not be yours. The inherent complexity of overlapping schedules demands that facilities seeking premier talent may want a traveler to start immediately if there is a compatible match.

Regardless of the number of traveler candidates requested or received, you must above all respect their timelines and act quickly as they may be more anxious than they let on. A qualifying conversation such as a phone or video interview may indicate a fit to both parties. The growing supply and demand for travelers does not inherently benefit your organization unless you are able to take time to explain the distinct advantages of your facility. As you work with a travel nurse staffing company like PPR, you will slowly accumulate core questions that best delineate between the candidates that receive offers and those that do not.

Attract & Retain Travel Nurse Talent

Our team works to produce results—such as hard and soft cost savings, improved candidate sourcing, improved screening and selection, better cultural matches, improved time to fill, better hiring manager experiences and premium labor cost stabilization. Ultimately, however, you must work in concert with us to attract more qualified candidates who meet your specific needs beyond a skills checklist, integrating seamlessly into your current workflow.

Your initial conversations with a travel nurse candidate must quickly break down and summarize their clinical expertise and experience. Making sure not to hinder the quality of the conversation, try to use direct questions that clarify specific skills and allow for additional details to be shared. Take advantage of the moments during these introductory interviews to provide details about the shift, anticipated schedule, on-call time and floating policies. Transparency with the traveler will make for a more satisfying assignment as expectations will be aligned. While you may want to demonstrate a level of interest in likely candidates, you do not want to convince the wrong candidate that you are the right offer for them to accept.

Depending on the size, age, and location of your facility, PPR Travel Nursing may assist in providing a provisional backdrop to inform and convince candidates of the unique opportunities available in your particular city or state. It’s imperative to identify topics that align with their interests as well as amenities and attractions. With practice, you may discover that some RNs favor a focus on state-of-the-art equipment or recent renovations. Depending on your unique requirements and experience interviewing, you will likely gain an understanding of the critical conversation that will lead to a ‘yes’ when you want one. Our goal is to create “Great Employment Experiences” for our nurses and for our clients. And we measure this success by placing the right nurse with the right client.

Moving forward, recruiters will moderate much of the communication between PPR Travel Nursing and the traveler regarding questions, comments, and occasional catastrophes. They will develop professional relationships with travelers to ensure satisfaction and help them assimilate where possible. Empathetic to the sometimes cross-country journeys travel nurses make to take an assignment, PPR relies on recruiters to identify and support positive, enthusiastic RNs that can communicate effectively and anticipate needs before they arise.

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