PPR’s Treasured Traveler January Winners!

January 26th, 2015 | Posted by Amber in Company News, Culture, Education Services

We are so excited to have our first ever Treasured Traveler Award Winners posted this month! This is a new recognition that PPR will be celebrating on a monthly basis. These travelers were nominated and chosen for displaying PPR’s Core Values. Congrats to Glenda Hardy – RN and  Megan Barg – OTR!

More about Glenda:

Glenda has been traveling with PPR continuously for almost 12 years to 21 different facilities in 10 different states and has always been asked to extend.  Her professionalism and dedication to her patients even through the tough assignments (she has had a few) always amazes me. Glenda travels with her husband Ricky, A.K.A her manager, house cleaner and secretary and has approached each assignment as though it was her first. A true patient advocate, caring, thoughtful, responsible and committed, it is a pleasure working with her every day.

Stacy Pavish – Senior Healthcare Recruiter

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More about Megan:

Megan is the perfect contractor. She is so positive, never complains, and is always a joy to work with. We get rave reviews from the district on Megan and she was offered summer and fall extensions very early on. Not only is Megan a great clinician but also just a fantastic person. She refers her friends, is great at communication, and goes above and beyond in all that she does. She is such an outstanding representative of PPR and I’m honored to work with her.

Christina Kennedy- Senior Healthcare Recruiter


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