Pediatrics Travel Nurse Jobs

Pediatrics Travel Nurse Jobs

As a pediatric nurse, you care for children from birth through adolescence, providing them with the essential support they need to be healthy and happy as they grow. Your physical and mental support is an integral piece in the developmental process.

Since 1996, PPR has been providing travel nursing professionals just like you with great employment experiences and dynamic career opportunities across the nation. In our 20+ years of providing high paying travel nurse jobs, we’ve perfected our customer experience. With an industry-leading benefits package and tenured recruiters who are passionate, empathetic and value-oriented we’ve built a community more than a company.

  • Competitive compensation
  • Industry-leading health insurance plans
  • Paid private housing or housing stipends
  • License and travel reimbursements
  • 401k plus match
  • Generous referral bonus
  • Travel with family, friends, and pets

At PPR we’re always looking for ways to provide a better experience for our travel nurses. Looking to maximize your compensation? PPR offers expanded hours for Pediatrics assignments as well as the option to travel with a team or family members (furry or not).

Be a caregiver to children in hospital surgery departments across the country by applying for pediatric nursing jobs; join a team of healthcare professionals in great locations across the country.

Registered Nurses in Pediatrics can find travel jobs across the country. Working as a travel nurse means that you can take multiple assignments across the nation. Here are some highly sought out destinations for Pediatric travel nurse jobs:

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How Much Do Staff Pediatric Nurses Make?

Pediatric nursing jobs involve the care of children and adolescents, usually up to the age of 18. Specific responsibilities vary considerably, often including the diagnosing of illness, administering of medications and other therapies, explaining treatment plans to young patients and their families, conducting physicals and more. Below are salary estimates for Pediatric nurses, provided by




According to several sources, including the BLS, Pediatric staff nurses stand to earn above average pay for registered nurses, and hourly rates increase during travel nurse assignment. On top of these pay rates there's a lot of additional earning potential in the form of bonuses, travel nursing pay, and much more. Travel RNs can find ambitious positions available with PPR in major cities.

Earn more as a Travel Nurse

RN Licensure

Of all of the benefits of travel nursing, the most prevalent is the ability to explore the United States. Before joining PPR as a Pediatric Travel Nurse, you must obtain proper licensure before beginning your assignment. One of the most popular ways to prepare yourself for the first of many travel nursing opportunities is via Nurse Compact Licensure, recently changed to the Enhanced Nurse Licensure (eNCL). This allows you to become licensed in multiple states. As every state licensure board is self-governed, finding all the necessary information to submit an application can be a difficult, lengthy process on your own. Therefore it's important to address your travel goals with a recruiter to determine the best plan of action. To start you off on the right foot, we've compiled every states licensure information in one easy to use resource for Pediatric RNs looking to join PPR Travel Nursing. To begin, just navigate to the region & state you want to obtain a license from and follow the steps. Below you'll find additional licensure resources to aid in the journey to your next peds travel nurse adventure.

RN Licensure Resources

Your Future As A Pediatric Travel Nurse

Number of RN Jobs: 2,955,200

New RN Jobs 2016-26: 438,100

Annual RN Openings: 105,260

Based on data collected from several sources in 2016, including the BLS, it is estimated that job openings for Registered Nurses are expected to grow by 15 percent between 2016 to 2026. The BLS also claims that nurses rank number one in most annual job openings among all occupations requiring a minimum of an associates degree. That means that there are over 100,000 jobs for RNs opening every year! With record numbers of applicants, record high demand and an estimated average salary increase, the future is bright for Pediatric travel nurses looking for travel opportunities. There's an exciting future ahead for Pediatric RNs, especially for those in the travel nursing industry.

Which States Have The Highest Demand For Pediatric RNs?

Traveling pediatric nurses can choose from career opportunities in some of the nation’s most prestigious facilities while enjoying wonderful travel benefits and stunning new destinations.










PPR Travel Nursing offers travel pediatric RN jobs in prestigious children’s hospitals, magnet facilities, trauma centers, and outpatient clinics across the country, ensuring a great fit for any peds nurse.

Pediatric Travel Nurse Jobs

PPR is an equal opportunity employer.