Packing Essentials – Must Have Items on Your Travel Assignment

July 26th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips, Traveler Tips

When it comes to preparing for your first travel nursing gig, there’s a lot of moving parts. We’ll be the first to admit this. There’s paperwork and licenses. Readying your home to leave it behind. Packing what you’ll take with you on your next adventure. Packing is one of the last things you’ll do before heading out to your new city. We’ve gathered up tips, plus other hints from our expert traveling nurses to make sure you’ll have everything you need.

Keep Your Files Handy:

Keep it old school with all of your records on paper, YES paper. And digital files too, of course. One of our travel nurses tells us, “I carry a beautiful folder PPR gave me with all my previous records so I can send them as needed in prep for the next contract.” If everything is already in paper format, it’s also very easy to find a copying machine to provide paperwork to a facility that may request it.

Heartfelt Items:

It can be easy to forget about the things that make you feel at home when packing up your home. Pack up a small set of cooking utensils, one pan of each size, etc., but don’t forget photos or special items from home that can make your stay cozier. Photos, small pieces of artwork, or even a few knick knacks can make all of the difference when a couple hundred miles from home.

Furry Friends:

Did you know you can pack your pets, too! When you travel with PPR, your pets can always accompany you on your next adventure! We want you to be as comfortable as possible, and we know the last thing you want to do is leave your furry best friend in the care of someone else while you’re away.

Electronic Essentials:

Setting up cable, and internet services can be time consuming and the fees can add up depending on how many travel nurse assignments you take in a given year. When bringing your laptop or iPad, our travelers recommend bringing a jet pack or internet hotspot to save the headache of setting up internet multiple times in a near. Check with your cell phone carrier for plans. It may be something you consider using while home, too. That way you’re not pay for a service that isn’t being used.

While packing up your closet, be sure to pack more than one pair of work shoes. Your feet will thank you when you’re not wearing the same shoes every day. This one seems obvious but don’t forget your underwear! While you could easily purchase more on assignment, avoiding that shopping trip right when you arrive in your new city will save you added stress.

While there’s a long list of things you’ll want to pack, there are just a few of the items that are often overlooked. What items have you forgotten? What items do you never leave for assignment without? Let us know in the comments below!

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