October Treasured Traveler Winners!

October 11th, 2016 | Posted by Amber in Treasured Travelers


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 October Treasured Traveler

We are so excited to announce that the September Treasured Traveler winners are Jessica Harnish, RN and Zeenat Gonzalez, RN!

Here are some words from their recruiters:

“Zeenat Gonzalez is my Treasured Traveler. Zeenat was brand new to traveling when she started with PPR earlier this year. She is now wrapping up her second assignment and getting ready for more! Zeenat always has a positive attitude, even when things may not be going as planned. She is very accommodating, flexible, and committed to her assignments and her patients! Her outlook on life and her travel adventures are so inspiring. I look forward to working with Zeenat every day and am so thankful she is on our team! Thanks for all that you do, Zeenat!”

Leslie Cherok – Healthcare Recruiter

“This girl is a big reason why I love what I do! Adventurous, compassionate, humble, fun-loving, and intelligent are all words that best describe Jessica. I have had the pleasure of building a lasting friendship with her throughout her time with PPR and have had some of my best days with her by my side. She has the ability to light up a room when she walks into it and turn a bad day into good, this undoubtedly is a reason why her patients and coworkers love her! Every assignment she takes the facilities want her to stay, you should see the outstanding references we have on file for her! I don’t blame them for offering her extensions/full time jobs, any facility would be lucky to have her on their team and any agency would be lucky to have her as their RN. A PPR advocate is another role she fills on a daily basis. Always spreading the PPR love and entrusting us to get her to where she wants to go is a powerful compliment. Jessica, I hope you truly know how much I appreciate what you go into work and do every week. It takes a strong person to be positive, upbeat, and loving on what normally is a persons worst day. You have made me a better person being your recruiter, and have won the award for making me laugh the most especially when a laugh is needed. You have taught me to never shy away from an adventure, to not take life too seriously, and that queso is life

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