Let’s Celebrate — It’s NURSES Week!

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I LOVE NURSES!!! Yes, I really, really do!

I have been a nurse almost all of my adult life. You notice I say I am a nurse—not that I work as a nurse or have a job as a nurse. That is a distinction that makes nurses so special. I have friends who are no longer employed, but, while they are not working as a nurse any longer, they still identify themselves as nurses. It is an intrinsic part of who they are.

What it takes to be a nurse?

There is a pride of belonging to a very special group of people. Part of the pride comes from the profession itself. Want to help? Be a nurse. Want to be involved in something that makes you learn new things all the time? Be a nurse. Want to assist babies or children or teens or young adults or the elderly—take your pick? Be a nurse. Would you enjoy teaching, researching, managing people and/or budgets? Be a nurse. Oh, the variety…where does it end? It doesn’t.

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The reward of being a nurse

I work with a really neat person who has been a neonatal nurse caring for tiny, tiny newborns. Because of her great nursing skills, she was chosen to take a position as a transport nurse for a children’s hospital here in town. When a really sick child needs immediate care, she goes by ambulance and transports the child to the hospital, communicating with physicians the entire trip. She says she has learned so much all because she decided to be a nurse.

Me? I have worked with just about every age group and in most settings from hospitals to long-term care to hospice to teaching nursing students to work with a regulatory agency. All because I decided to be a nurse.

Honoring all nurses for Nurses Week

So…here’s to all the nurses out there! You are spectacular, extraordinary, marvelous, amazing, stupendous, incredible, awesome, remarkable, astounding, fearsome, and wonderful—just to mention a few your terrific attributes.

PPR celebrates nurses like you for Nurses Week

PPR salutes you and hopes you celebrate your week in style!!

Ruth R. Stiehl, Ph.D., R.N.
Vice President, Clinical Quality
PPR Travel Nursing

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