Imagine Spending Winter in Paradise

January 22nd, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips

Winter can be a rough time of year. The temperature drops, the days get shorter, and for most of America, the weather is just plain miserable.

For travel RNs, however, the opportunity to get paid to spend your winter months in paradise is the ideal way around this unfortunate time of year.

Your skills and experience as a registered nurse are in high demand at hospitals and medical facilities throughout the country. Many of these travel nursing jobs are located in places with tons of sunshine, beaches and tropical drinks ready to help you thaw out.

That’s right, with PPR Travel Nursing, you can literally live an endless summer. Furthermore, you can live it with excellent customer support and an outstanding benefits package and pay.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the following states to find the deal winter escape to paradise for travel nurses.


It’s no surprise that California is one of the top travel nurse destinations for RNs during the colder months. It’s pretty popular year-round, but when you mix in a little sleet and snow, the Golden state becomes all the more dreamy.

The state of California has some of the coolest beaches in the world to explore. But what makes California a particularly good choice for this list are the world-famous cities.

Travel nurses working with PPR in California are in a prime location to experience some of the great west coast cities of America. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento are some of the oldest and most culturally diverse communities in the state.

Rent a skateboard all day long for $30 at Jay’s Rentals in Venice Beach, in Los Angeles. Learn to windsurf in San Diego and then refuel with some of the most amazing fish tacos in the world.

If you’re feeling like seeing the open road, take a trip up the California State Route 1, for some of the most spectacular scenery


The sunshine state is one of the most popular travel nurse destinations to escape the chilly weather in other parts of the country. Here you’ll find an amazing number of beaches. In fact, Florida has over 1,350 miles of coastline and the coldest winter temperature in January of 61 degrees.

In Tallahassee, FL, travelers will find ample opportunity to soak up the beautiful winter weather at places like Cascades Park or Surfside Beach near Miami.

One of the coolest things to do in Florida during winter is Manatee watching! These beautifully unique “cows of the sea” are some of the sweetest and coolest aquatic mammals of all time. There are special viewing areas at a place called Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River, FL.

Regardless of where you travel in Florida during wintertime, travel nurses will be able to find warm weather, friendly people and some of the leading medical centers in the country.


When most people think of paradise, Hawaii is what comes to mind. Lush tropical forests, immense waterfalls, and miles upon miles of pristine beaches.

Want to learn how to surf? Check out Hawaii Surf Lessons 101 with locations in Oahu and Maui. While your friends back home are scraping the ice off of their windshields, you can be sitting on a warm, sandy beach in Wailea-Makena enjoying a shaved ice treat.

No matter which island you travel to in Hawaii, you’ll be sure to find a wealth of amazing food, culture and of course beautiful, world-famous beaches.


The Lone Star State is an ideal travel destination for RNs looking to escape the chill of winter. With temperatures typically hovering around the 70

Texas is home to some of the best hospitals and medical facilities in the country, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to build your resume, while you’re enjoying the moderate weather.

Visitors to Austin, Texas will find a plethora of amazing entertainment, food, and music options to enjoy throughout the capital city.

Food is big in Texas. Whether it’s BBQ, Mexican food or sushi, Austin probably has it. Travel nurses on assignment in Texas should make sure not to miss out on some of the best breakfast tacos in the country at Torchy’s.


Arizona is one of best places for travel nurses to go during winter. With daytime temperatures in the winter averaging around 70 degrees, the cool but not cold climate is perfect to explore the amazing landscapes across this beautiful state. Be careful at night though, much of Arizona is a desert climate, which means nighttime temperatures can fall quickly and drastically.

Sedona, AZ is world famous for its amazing rock formations as well as its numerous tourist hot spots. The world famous Red Rock State Park in Sedona is an amazing place to experience any time of year, but

Let PPR Book Your Next Job in Paradise

As you can see, there are some incredible options for travel nurses who want to escape the bitter chill and spend winter in paradise.

With PPR Booking your travel nurse assignment you can also be sure that you’ll have 100% paid, private housing, 24/7 support and much more.

So the next time you feel the chill of winter, turn up the heat and then give us a call or apply online. Our friendly recruiters will help you find a great, high-paying travel RN job in a place where it’s sandal weather all year long.

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