Hot Blog: That Traveling Nurse

June 14th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Uncategorized

A heavy dose of humor and plenty of wanderlust mark the latest entry in PPR’s Hot Blog series.

Belle of That Traveling Nurse uses her blog to talk about both parts of her life: the adventures of wherever she’s staying, as well as the relatable trials and triumphs of nursing life.

She’s been to several places in the United States, including North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Alaska, and Connecticut.  As Belle writes on her About page, “My hubby and I wear our scrubs three nights a week for 12 hours (or more!) taking care of sick patients. The rest of our days, we dream and talk about travel and adventure. I dream some more of beautiful places and images and creative outlets. The idea of going to a place, ANY place for that matter, local or foreign always excites the wanderlust in me. And soon you will notice as you read more and more of my posts, that I like to take photos too. Add shutterbug to the repertoire and that makes for good story telling.”

As a bonus, she often includes hilarious memes in her posts. Travel nurses have the best sense of humor. It must come with being resilient in the face of patients who don’t always listen and are sometimes (often?) short several hours of sleep.

For example, you’ll get a kick out of her post titled, “My 12 Hours as a Night Shift Nurse,” where she goes into incredible details of the all the (mis)adventures that come with the long late-night hours of a travel nurse.

Belle’s down-to-earth voice and great sense of humor make That Traveling Nurse a great blog for travel nurses to dig into. You’ll find inspirational adventures for your next assignment, along with relatable insights that only fellow travel nurses get. Visit That Traveling Nurse to find out more about Belle and her lifestyle!

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