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March 19th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Social Media, Travel Nursing, Traveler Tips

By Sarah Wengert

Through being a part of the PPR team and the travel nursing industry in general, we come across, peruse, and devour a TON of great content, blogs, tips, and news that is beneficial for travel nurses like you! Much of that good info we try to share here on this humble blog in our own words and in a way that only we can, but, we also want to use this space to refer you to other helpful resources — because even though we love when you choose to spend time with us here, we don’t wanna be greedy and hog you! Plus, our ultimate goal is to make sure you have access to ALL the best info that will help you be most successful in your career. So, this will be the first in our “Hot Blog” series, in which we’ll share some of our industry faves with you!

First up is one of our most favorite resources: BluePipes Blog. This blog is housed on the overall BluePipes site, which is a “professional networking platform dedicated to the healthcare industry.” It was co-founded by former healthcare staffing industry professional, Kyle Schmidt, and his friend Bill Clark.

We love this blog because it covers a vast range of topics in a way that really dives deep and offers actionable steps. Topics like travel taxes, traveling with pets and kids, resumes, company rankings, and tons more. Speaking of company reviews — full disclosure: PPR Travel Nursing was ranked #15 in BluePipes’ 2018 Best Travel Nursing Companies list. We are super proud of this honor, and it brings to mind another reason why we love the Blue Pipes blog. Just as they do in their Best Companies list, BluePipes routinely uses data/references and explains their methodology when presenting information to their readers!

You can always count on BluePipes blog to explain things in depth and with good sources/data backing it up. Basically, they’re like your super smart friend who is able to explain really complicated stuff in a way that makes total sense. And that’s a good friend to have, especially in the sometimes complex world of travel nursing.

BluePipes also has a really handy list of content on their site by topic. So, if you’d like to research something specific like housing, pay, paperwork, etc., it’s super user-friendly and easy to find the info you need!

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