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July 11th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing

It’s time for another entry in our Hot Blog series! You can catch a few other awesome blogs like BluePipes, Off the Clock Nurse, and That Traveling Nurse. All caught up? Great! On to today’s blogger: a foodie who loves to hike.

Meet Tyler of AdventuRN’ – isn’t that the most punderful name for a Travel Nurse blog ever? Tyler is a pediatric nurse with a passion for caring for tiny humans and going on mighty adventures. According to her “About” page she’s a 25-year-old originally from Indiana.

“On a surgical trauma floor, I care for children during difficult times, and I love feeling important in their young lives,” Tyler writes on her blog. “I rock babies to sleep, I bond with patients over stickers and funny conversations, I support terrified parents and answer all of their questions, and so very much more. It is a lovely profession that I am lucky enough to be a part of, and I truly cannot imagine doing anything different. I am ambitious and independent. I have large goals for my life, especially incorporating the two concepts I discussed above, traveling and nursing.”

Tyler’s most recent assignment is in Seattle, and she’s a pro at documenting the gorgeous hikes there. A recent post about her adventurous hike with a fellow traveling nurse shows off some beautiful Seattle landscapes.

Tyler also loves to blog about restaurants and cafes. Check out her post called Coffee, Coffee, & More Coffee to get the inside scoop on all the best coffee shops in Seattle. For example, there’s a precious wall of puppy photos called “Mutt Shops” at Katy’s Café, which happens to be very dog-friendly.

With frequent posts and lots of great photos, Tyler’s blog is one you’re sure to appreciate. Visit AdventuRN’  for all the latest in Tyler’s pediatric nurse experiences!

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