Four Qualities of Great Travel Nurses

February 5th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips, Traveler Tips

By Sarah Wengert

It takes a special kind of healthcare rock star to succeed at a career in travel nursing. While different people bring different strengths to the healthcare travel table, there are some pretty non-negotiable qualities — including these four qualities of great travel nurses! Do you have what it takes?


This is the number one, crowning quality of any travel nurse! Whether you are job shopping or hard at work in an unfamiliar unit, being flexible will help you succeed at travel nursing. If you’re the type who perseveres regardless of challenges and changes that may get thrown your way, then you will do quite nicely as a traveler.


Many travel nurses roll with a partner, family, friend, or pet. But whether you fly solo or not, independence is a crucial quality of great healthcare travelers. Those that do fly solo will of course make friends along the way, but there is still plenty of time on assignment to spend with oneself regardless of that. And you have to be independent enough to be cool with that. Also, when you’re taking short-term contracts you are literally independent of any long-term hospital employer relationship, so independence serves you well in that regard too!


Whether you’re on the job or out adventuring, a healthy sense of curiosity will serve you well in travel nursing. On the job, travelers cannot be too shy or afraid to ask important questions. You may feel the urge to “act as if” early on rather than ask simple questions, but you must ask so you can do your job right. Never feel too proud to ask questions while on assignment. And off the job, your curiosity will help you have all the best adventures, learn new things, meet new people, and so much more.


Whether an assignment, shift, or adventure goes well or poorly, positivity will help keep you going. Your attitude can be half to battle, after all. Focus on what you can change and focus on solutions when tough times arise, and you will be able to ride any wave that comes your way!

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