Cozy Winter Self-Care for Travel Nurses

January 23rd, 2020 | Posted by bbarr in Uncategorized

After all the fun and excitement of the holidays, winter can drag on, especially if you’re a Travel Nurse away from home. But what if winter could feel regenerative instead of something to endure? What if we all looked at this season as a natural time to rest and renew ourselves? If that’s you, here are some self-care tips for making the rest of winter a little cozier.

Get Some Vitamin D

One of the reasons winter can seem so dreary is the lack of sunlight. The sun has many well-documented effects on your mood, thanks to the Vitamin D your skin generates. One solution to the reality of reduced hours of sunlight is being intentional about spending time outside. Do you have 15 minutes in the morning or afternoon where you can take a walk around your neighborhood, or even just sit in front of an open window? According to the Vitamin D Council, just 15 minutes a day is enough.

Getting enough sunlight can be especially difficult if you’re a night shift Travel Nurse in the winter. If getting more sun isn’t an option due to your work schedule, you might consider taking some OTC Vitamin D supplements. Medical News Today recommends you get at least 600 IU (international units) or 15 mcg (micrograms) of Vitamin D daily.

Treat Yourself

Winter gives you the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. The longer periods of darkness and cooler weather are great reasons to find restoring activities indoors. As a Travel Nurse, you spend all of your working hours caring for others. It’s important to care for yourself, too. Give yourself a facial. Put on a charcoal mask. Take a long, luxurious bath. Whatever makes you feel refreshed is fair game — treat yourself!

Cozy Up with Hygge

The Danish have their own way of dealing with winter: hygge. Prounounced “HOO-gah,” hygge is all about giving winter its own rhythms. Hygge comes from a Danish word that means “to give courage, comfort, and joy.” Hygge is more a lifestyle than any one specific practice, and it should be unique to what you find most comforting and relaxing. Here are a few ideas — see if any of them just sound like your version of cozy:

  • Lighting lots of candles
  • Cuddling up with a comfy blanket
  • Wearing your favorite loungewear
  • Savoring a mug of hot chocolate or tea

Watch and Read to Your Heart’s Content

Sometimes, it’s downright miserable (and even dangerous) to be out in the ice and cold. That’s why winter is the ideal time to catch up on your favorite shows. Don’t feel guilty about spending too much time in front of the TV — it’s a legitimate self-care strategy. If you’re more of a bookworm, indulge yourself with books and a comfy blanket. Use the bad weather as a reason to catch up on all your favorite characters on screen and on the page.

So, do you have some incredible self-care tips? What do you love about winter? Share them with us in the comments!

By Aubrey Schieuer

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