Changing Travel Assignments with the Seasons

April 24th, 2018 | Posted by hannahmchale in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips

We want you to get the most out of your travel nursing experience. Most nurses who have been traveling for a while will agree that the best assignments change with the season.

During the summer months, more travel nursing jobs are available in the Northwest, Northeast, Northern California, and Texas. The reason? It’s the time when all of the southerners go north and northerners stay home! Thus creating a lower census in the southern states and increase our census in the northern states. However, Texas is the exception. I guess people just don’t want to leave the Lone Star State. Summer also makes it more difficult to find those great assignments in Florida, Southern California, Arizona, Montana and Wyoming.

This means your geographical flexibility is essential. This is a great time to start thinking out of the box with your assignment locations. There are great travel assignments available in some really intriguing locations. Locations like Vermont and Washington offer the most beautiful natural landscape and endless outdoor activities. While locations such as Northern California and Massachusetts offer a more fast-paced, upbeat atmosphere.

One of our team leaders, Stacy Pavish, says “Remember to be open minded and flexible over the summer to location and pay as these can vary nationwide!” Who knows, you may stumble upon your new favorite location.

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