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Ask a Traveler: Top Location

May 30th, 2017 | Posted by Allie in Client Tips, Travel Nursing, Travel Tips, Traveler Tips, Treasured Travelers

What do you think of when you hear Colorado? Skiing, snow and freezing temperatures? Do you envision only being able to enjoy the area if you are an extreme adventurer? These nurses may prove you wrong. Packing up to move across the country may seem intimidating, however, many of our travelers found love, companionship, and bravery in some of the most unlikely places. For this installment of Ask a Traveler, we asked some of our current travelers on assignment in the Rockies to share their experiences with us. Below is a snapshot of the incredible stories that came flooding through our inbox.


Peyton Paine

A true adventurer, this traveling nurse fell in love on the road. After meeting her husband while she was on an assignment with PPR Travel Nursing in Washington D.C., he was soon transferred with his company to Colorado. Peyton decided to take an assignment with PPR in Colorado as well and he proposed there shortly after. They were recently married in Rocky Mountain National Park! Here she is hiking in her wedding dress!

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Ashley French

There is so much to see in Colorado, Ashley couldn’t master it all on her own. Ashley spent Spring of last year on assignment in Colorado and adopted her fur-baby, Winston. Winston is now her fearless travel buddy as she continues to explore the country!

Peyton & her husband hiking to their (2)Peyton & her husband hiking to their (3)


Jessica Harnish

There are no days off when you live, work and play in a state as beautiful as Colorado! With the Rocky Mountains as her backyard, Jessica made sure to take advantage of every moment she spent in the area. While Jessica was on an assignment in Denver, she was constantly exploring. Here she is pictured at Hanging Lake which is a short hike only two and half hours outside of Denver.

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Bryan Clark

Just a guy and his Jeep. Bryan is an ER nurse who fell in love with Colorado and decided to rest his wandering heart and stay a while. His love of the rolling mountainous landscape and cool, crisp weather led his gypsy heart to settle in. Here he is pictured with his Jeep, ‘Geri’, after a day hitting the trails and exploring the nearby mountain town, Rollinsville.

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Janelle Smith

Water babies will feel right at home in the land-locked state of Colorado. With so many beautiful lakes, there are plenty of opportunities to spend time out on the water. Janelle was on assignment in Colorado Springs which is home to the breathtaking Garden of the Gods. Here she is pictured after a hike among the incredible sandstone rock formations.

travel nurse, travelerPeyton & her husband hiking to their (9)

Kacy Crook

Some people find their forever partner while on assignment, and some find their FURever partner. Kacey fell in love with this precious pup while on contract in travel nurse, travelerPeyton & her husband hiking to their (11)

Jade Garrett

All seasoned travel nurses know that your first travel assignment can work your nerves. Imagine heading to Colorado in the middle of winter and braving the snow alone – while on your first assignment! Meet our courageous travel warrior, Jade. She did exactly that last winter while working as a PEDS ER nurse in Denver. The excitement is written all over her face. Her best piece of advice? If you are heading to Denver on a winter assignment, buy your season ski passes early. It will save you loads of money in the long run.

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Rachael Chlebowy

If you are lucky enough to see Colorado in both the Summer and Winter then you know why the state has earned the name, Colorful Colorado. Rachael spent two ICU assignments in Colorado and just couldn’t get enough. Her trusty travel companion was her boyfriend and they spent the weekends exploring southwest Colorado, in the second picture, they are enjoying the Great Sand Dunes! Rachael certainly embraced all that she could while in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Peyton & her husband hiking to their (14)travel nurse, traveler

Are you ready now? The Rockies are calling your name. You never know what you may find hidden among the mountains in Colorado. These travelers found something they didn’t know they were looking for, could you be next? Give one of our PPR Travel Nurse recruiters a call to see if an assignment in Colorado is right for you.

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