8 Reasons to Try Travel Nursing

January 3rd, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is an unbelievable opportunity to advance your career and gain new experiences all while making money! For nurses considering travel nursing, the real question is: “Why wouldn’t you try travel nursing?”

Career Growth

Every employer values experience. As a travel nurse, you will become more knowledgeable and therefore more employable with each completed assignment. As a travel nurse, you will gain invaluable professional experience that will help your career flourish. You will also learn new techniques while being exposed to diverse medical practices used by healthcare professionals in facilities across the nation.

Job Security

There are literally thousands of vacant travel positions waiting to be filled right now! No, really…just check out our current travel openings. There will always be somewhere you are needed, and nurses are in high demand across the country. Hospitals and healthcare facilities use travelers as a temporary solution to fill employment needs within hospitals and healthcare facilities.

High Pay and Paid, Private Housing

Let’s face it, money matters and travel nurses make a lot of it. Travel nurses make more than regular contracted nurses. The pay ranges anywhere from around $1200 to over $2800 per week. Not to mention the other financial benefits, including bonus programs, health insurance and paid, private and furnished housing…you can’t beat that!

No Strings Attached

Travel nurses are temp nurses with each contract usually lasting around 13 weeks. Once their contract is up, travelers get to move on freely with no strings attached.

More Time-Off

What if you could take as much time off as you desired? By budgeting their incomes, travel nurses can take as much time off as they want to in-between assignments.


Travel nursing presents an awesome opportunity to work where you want! Spend the summer on the beaches of Florida or winter near the ski slopes of Colorado. Travelers can move around and/or stay in the locations they love most.

Travel Wherever You Want

Have you ever gone on vacation and wished it could last just a little bit longer? As a travel nurse, you can travel more, stay longer and get paid while you’re doing it! After all, it’s hard to see everything in just a few days. Stay longer. Become a travel nurse!

How to Become a Travel Nurse

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Talk to a Travel Nursing Expert!

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