5 Ways to Conquer Homesickness as a Travel Nurse

August 7th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips, Traveler Tips

By Aubrey Schieuer

Travel nurses get a whole bunch of perks: amazing pay, inexpensive housing, new places to explore, and the freedom to go where you want. But sometimes, you might feel a little homesick. That’s okay! It’s perfectly normal to experience a few days of feeling homesick when you’re settling into a new space. Here are some ways to quickly overcome homesickness so you can make the most of your amazing travel nurse experience.

Use Technology

The travel nurses of today have a lot of advantages when it comes to keeping in touch. Use video chats like FaceTime or Skype to chat with your hometown buds face-to-face. Or a simple phone call works wonders in hearing your loved one’s voice and catching up with what’s new. Staying connected is easier than ever before with texting and emails that arrive instantly. You have lots of options for constant communication with your family and friends back home, so use whatever works best!

Bring Your Pets with You

If you’ve got a furry friend, you don’t have to leave them when you go! PPR is a pet-friendly travel nurse company, so your dog, cat, or other sweet creature is welcome to go where you go. Having a companion to come home to makes a big difference in adjusting to a new place — pets make amazing listeners and cuddle buds.

Plan a Visit

One of the best ways to conquer homesickness is to bring the party to you! Get your family or friends to come see your new digs. They’ll be excited to see you and explore the city together. Plan a few places you want to show them, like your new favorite restaurant or coffee shop. Every time you revisit that space, you’ll think of having your family or friends there, too.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Can’t take a trip back home just yet? The awesome thing about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is the treasure trove of old photos, jokes, and memories they contain. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Browse through old photos to remember the good times. You could even print out a few pictures to put up around your new place — photos are an easy, inexpensive way to decorate.

Go Out with Your Fellow Nurses

The awesome thing about travel nursing is the chance to make new friends. If you’re craving some quality time, ask your fellow nurses to hang out after a shift. You can go for a happy hour, a movie, grab coffee, or anything that sounds fun. Other nurses understand the challenges of the job and can offer excellent support. You’re sure to make a long-lasting friendship or two.

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