5 Travel Nurse Sites to Keep You in the Know

May 15th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips, Traveler Tips

At PPR we do our best to provide you with relevant content to put this amazing world of travel nursing in the spotlight. Our blog is chock full of helpful (and fun!) articles, but we want to share a few other sites worth checking out.

The top five websites for travel nursing are:

1. The Gypsy Nurse
2. Travel Nursing Central
3. Highway Hypodermics
4. Indeed
5. Facebook

The Gypsy Nurse

The largest and most active online community just for travel nurses has a lively name that suits it well: The Gypsy Nurse. Here you’ll find hundreds of helpful articles ranging from contract negotiations to a detailed step-by step guide to launching and building your travel nursing career. Read about fellow travel nurses’ journeys from their perspective with interviews and guest contributor content. There is also a robust education component with courses to further your skillset. The site keeps its foundation of collaboration, community and camaraderie at the forefront and is a terrific place to connect to other fellow travel nurses – no plane tickets or U-Haul required.

Travel Nursing Central

The next site doesn’t feel quite as fun as the Gypsy Nurse but still has a wealth of information worth exploring. Travel Nursing Central focuses on those who are curious about a career in travel nursing by providing thorough information on finding the right recruiter, agency, housing, hospital, and other elements that contribute to a successful career. The site allows nurses to rank both their agency and hospital, so you can see how your prospects stack up and read fellow nurses’ comments. Another helpful list is the Nursing Board websites and phone numbers for every state. That has to be worth at least a couple Google searches.

Highway Hypodermics

Highway Hypodermics was created by a travel nurse with the goal of bridging the gap between traveling nurses and travel nurse companies, those considering taking the leap can give their email address in exchange for a “Free Newbies Workbook.” Another resource that’s great for all ranges of experience is an extensive questionnaire list, which includes detailed questions to help you understand things like what makes quality benefits and hospital evaluations.


Indeed is the giant job search site that will take a bit of time navigating to get to the goods in terms of travel nursing. Driven by keywords, you’ll add your title descriptions and then search by city, state or zip code to see what openings might be available in your wish list locations. Multiple locations means more search time, but the results may prove fruitful. You can read reviews about the company posting the position and sign up to be alerted as soon as jobs that match your search are posted.


Facebook is noticeably blurring the lines between our personal and professional lives. We are using the online tool more and more as replacements for texting, event invites and even group meetings. It’s also a helpful tool when researching potential agencies or hospitals. You can get a good sense for a company’s culture by spending a little time on their Facebook page and checking out the comments. Plus, there’s a Travel Nurse Facebook group to fit any need or location, so find a few to join and then start reading, connecting and maybe even meeting for coffee – offline!

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