5 Fun Winter Locations for Travel Nurses

December 18th, 2019 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Travel Tips

By Elena Barker

What type of winter wanderer are you? Some travel nurses purposely flee the cold weather while others embrace the season. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, we’ve compiled the following 5 ideal winter locations for travel nurse jobs: 


There’s no better place to escape Old Man Winter than sunny California! With breathtaking beaches, majestic mountains, cosmopolitan cities, and picturesque vineyards, the Golden State has a little something for everyone. Plus, travel nursing jobs are plentiful here due to strict staffing laws. Sometimes, decisions like this just make themselves.

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Nevada is a popular destination year-round, but it’s especially a hot spot for travel nurses in the winter. That’s because it’s easy to swap your winter coat for sandals and a swimsuit and dive into all the fun Las Vegas has to offer. However, there’s more to Nevada than just Sin City. You can also explore Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, where sandstone peaks and other natural geological wonders abound. Other must-see attractions include the Hoover Dam, the Lion Habitat Ranch, and Lake Tahoe.

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Say hello to blue skies and dazzling sunshine in Arizona this winter. Thanks to its large snowbird population, you can count on having tons of amazing travel nurse job opportunities in this southwestern state. Even better, there’s plenty to see and do here. For instance, you can explore the Grand Canyon, discover Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Gardens, and even ski in snowy Flagstaff. With so many sightseeing opportunities, you certainly won’t be bored in Arizona!

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No state does winter quite like Vermont. Thanks to all the state’s skiing, sledding, and ice fishing opportunities, Vermont is a veritable winter wonderland this time of year. Not really into the outdoors? No problem! Burlington, the largest city in the state, also offers tons of big-city perks. In fact, downtown Church Street is packed with boutique shops and fine dining experiences.

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If you’re a traveler who absolutely loves the winter scene, we can wholeheartedly recommend Alaska. From cross-country skiing to dogsledding, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy all the outdoor activities Alaska has to offer. If you’re lucky, you also just might catch a glimpse of the gorgeous green glow of the Northern Lights!

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