3 Ways Travel Nurses Help Hospitals

July 26th, 2016 | Posted by Amber in Client Tips, Travel Nursing


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Today, hospitals are under tremendous pressure to provide care that results in quality outcomes. Certain untoward events even cost hospitals money. Falls, infections, wrong-site surgeries all affect a hospital’s bottom line.

Research has shown that proper staffing is one way of reducing “never events” and increasing patient satisfaction.

One way of providing proper nurse staffing is by using travel nurses to solve shortages and fill open positions. These nurses offer these benefits to hospitals:


The commitment to adding a travel nurse to the staff is only for thirteen weeks. Travelers can aid in filling open positions caused by pregnancy, illness, or seasonal patient increases. There is not long term expense related to paying benefits of keeping a nurse longer than is needed.

Increased patient satisfaction

Higher patient satisfaction scores are directly correlated to positive patient interactions with nurses. Coupled with the fact that travel nurses are reported to have more experience, as good an education, and comparable skills as perm staff, travelers make sense.

Improved quality of care

Here again, adequate staffing produces better patient outcomes. Makes sense that the better prepared the nurses, the better the quality of care.

These three benefits lead to a better bottom line with happier patients and staff. Travelers just make good sense!

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