3 New Year’s Resolutions for Travel Nurses

December 28th, 2018 | Posted by bbarr in Travel Nursing, Uncategorized

By Sarah Wengert

Life is a crazy, busy, incredible ride, and the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to slow down and take stock. As we head into 2019, PPR encourages all of our amazing travelers to take some time to reflect and reset. Each of us will have our own personal set of goals and resolutions for the year ahead, but as you scheme on yours we wanted to share these 3 New Year’s resolutions for travel nurses that apply to all travelers.

Be Brave

Whether you’re considering travel nursing for the first time or you’re a practiced veteran, a little extra bravery is always a good look. Whether it’s personal or professional, deciding to take the travel nursing leap or leaping into a new, unexpected state for your next assignment, be brave in 2019. Win, lose, or draw, you will never regret taking a chance on following your heart.

Be Flexible

When you’re searching for jobs it’s always best to stay flexible. If your first choice didn’t come through, know that there may be a reason and there’s something even better out there waiting for you. You never know, you may just fall in love with an unexpected location or make more money due your willingness to be flexible. And in the hospital, of course, it is crucial to remain flexible in order to make it work in a variety of unfamiliar hospital settings. Your co-workers and patients will appreciate your adaptability and practicing flexibility will make you a stronger person and a better nurse.

Enjoy ALL the Moments

The travel nurse lifestyle is pretty incredible and it’s not something just anyone has access to either, so it’s pretty important to be grateful and enjoy yourself along the way. Sure, work can still be a challenge but even those challenging moments should be appreciated as they ultimately help you grow personally and professionally. And when you’re off the clock, make sure you make time to get out and really explore new places while on assignment. Be open to everyday joy and you will find happiness everywhere you roam.

As you commit to these 3 New Year’s resolutions for travel nurses — and perhaps more of your own unique goals for 2019 — the PPR team wishes you a very happy, healthy new year! We hope to help you find some incredible opportunities and make some fabulous dreams come true in the new year. Cheers!

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