20 Years….7 Life Lessons

February 3rd, 2016 | Posted by Amber in Client Tips, Company News, Culture, Industry News


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20 Years….7 Life Lessons

When I launched PPR Talent Management Group in 1996 I had no idea how to lead a business, nor could I have fathomed that I might one day have the honor of celebrating the organization’s 20th anniversary. As it turns out my quest to learn how to run a business taught me how to live a happy, healthy and productive life. Here are seven of my favorite lessons I have learned along the way:

  1. The No Complaining Rule
    We are suffering from a global pandemic of whining and complaining. It eats at our energy, passion and productivity. As we face the daily challenges of business and life, PPR follows “The No Complaining Rule” as a guardrail to keep us on a positive path. It’s worked so well that business expert and author, Jon Gordon, wrote a best-selling business book, inspired by PPR’s commitment to maintaining a happy, positive workplace environment.
  1. If it is to be, it is up to me
    We are not victims of our circumstances.  Maintaining an internal locus of control is vital to success – I believe it is the number one trait present in successful people. You might not be able to control the cards you’re dealt, but you can control how you play them.
  1. Do more stuff
    Life is short. If you don’t have an adventure planned, plan it now!  Don’t wait for the right time as you risk the months and years slipping by. Prioritize travel and adventure over owning stuff. Make memories with those you love that will last a lifetime.
  1. Be grateful
    It is impossible to be grateful and unhappy or in fear at the same time. Gratefulness is a powerful emotion that we can choose to turn on. It is particularly useful during challenging times. As it can be a spark that gives you strength to overcome difficult circumstances.
  1. Have fun!
    Don’t be so serious! I have never seen data suggesting a correlation between being serious and being successful. Smile, have fun for you are on a journey. I assure you that the destination you are trying to reach is overrated. Enjoy the ride.
  1. Live close to your parents, if you can.
    Time is precious. We never know how much of it we have left. Spend time with your parents while you can. When they are gone, you’ll regret the time you didn’t. Living closer to them will allow you to enjoy mundane encounters that one day you’ll will look back on as extraordinary.
  1. What you do isn’t important. Who you do it with is everything.
    When you have the opportunity to work with a team of passionate people who trust and love one another…whatever you’re doing is a pleasure.

It has been a privilege to work alongside so many dedicated and passionate individuals for twenty years. We have experienced extraordinary successes and great failures. Failures that forged us into a better organization and more importantly better people – All because we committed to our purpose, our values and to each other.

Dwight Cooper
Founder, CEO

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