Testimonials from some of our happiest candidates.

  1. “PPR is that it has given me the opportunity to see parts of the country that I never thought I would ever visit. What I love the most about PPR is how quickly my recruiter and other staff members work to set my assignment. I love working for a company that cares about me.”


  2. “I had never done travel nursing when I contacted PPR, so I had a ton of questions! My recruiter was very helpful and willing to take the time to make sure I understood everything. I'm now on my second travel assignment and PPR has been easy to deal with, prompt with giving me all needed information, and they have given me the opportunity of a lifetime to live and work in beautiful places. PPR gets to know you as an individual, and they know if they take care of their employees and we will take care of them. I couldn't ask for a better employer!”


  3. “My recruiter always has my back, answers questions promptly, and is an ear to listen to when I just need to vent. She knows me as a person. Never issues with pay or benefits, competencies. I always have follow up and I have never felt like just another nurse. I love the little hand written “thank you for all you do notes”. It lets me know I’m thought of not just when it is time to get a new contract. She makes me feel valued and that she is lucky to have me…when in actuality I’m lucky to have her! Everyone that I deal with at PPR has been helpful and prompt to respond. I feel PPR also understands we have a life outside work, and my recruiters works hard to find assignments and shifts, time off requests and such that help me balance all of that. No regrets in going with PPR.”


  4. “Our experience traveling as a family of five has been amazing- truly better than we expected. I'm so grateful to everyone at PPR for making it so easy. From my first interaction, the staff at PPR has gone above and beyond to take care of every detail. Much appreciated!”


  5. “PPR has been a real pleasure to work for. Their team is made up of great people that not only are experienced but treat you like family. Traveling with PPR makes any place you venture out to feel like home. I've been with PPR for 2 years and don't see myself switching anytime soon.”


  6. “I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of personal interest that PPR puts into its employees. It's nice to work for a company that is attentive, responsive and genuinely vested in me. My recruiter always goes above and beyond to ensure that I am taken care of. She calls and emails me regularly, and when I reach out to her, I never wait more than a couple hours for a response. I am proud to be a part of the PPR family and I will continue to refer all of my friends to this outstanding company!”


  7. “I have been working with PPR for about a year now. It is the first (and likely only) travel company I have and will ever work for. My experiences thus far have been fantastic. My recruiter is super helpful and goes above and beyond in all things. As a matter of fact, every interaction that I have had with ALL staff have been positive and pleasant experiences. I don't stress when I have an issue or question, because I know that the mother ship has my back! I have enjoyed my travel experiences over the past year and look forward to many more! I highly recommend PPR everywhere I go and to all of my friends!”


  8. “PPR has been there every step of the way. No matter where our future travels take us, we have the peace of mind that our recruiter is no more than 5 minutes away, day or night. We have looked at other travel companies but none ever come close to the pay and benefits we enjoy with PPR.”

    Lisa and SteveRN Travel Team

  9. “I love PPR. I switched from another company and have stuck with them. From time to time, I admit I have looked at other companies, but PPR always finds me that perfect assignment. Whenever I am asked what company I am with, I always say proudly, "PPR of Jacksonville, FL”. They have my back."”

    KarenRN Travel Team

  10. “If you want a company who stands behind their nurses, use PPR. PPR is concerned about making it an easy transition into the world of travel nursing. I have always been treated fairly and they have been very honest with me. I have never been let down by using this company. The support I get from PPR is A+.”


  11. “I've worked with other companies but, PPR supersedes them all. My recruiter has advocated for me on so many matters and is excellent at her job. She cares about me not just as a traveler but, as a person. I am thankful to have found PPR and proud to be a part of such a great team of people! PPR deserves their "best companies," to work for recognition all year round.”


  12. “I have been with PPR for 2 assignments now. I feel this company is working for us, the Nurses. My recruiter is awesome, always a phone call or text away. PPR looks for the best assignments in the geographical area's I want to travel in, and the shifts I want to work. I have recommended PPR to several people who are thinking about joining the travel Nurse route.”

    SherryRN, BSN

  13. “I was overseas when I first contacted PPR. My recruiter was recommended to me from a friend and I can honestly say, my recruiter truly cares!! She emailed back and that caused me to start with PPR. Talking with her is easy. Her ability to display care and concern about every detail of the job and my concerns is genuine. PPR may be smaller in comparison to other travel company's but their attention to detail to make nurses feel comfortable and important surpasses the competition.”

    LindaRN, BSN

  14. “PPR was an absolutely amazing company to work for! My needs were always met in a timely manner and they are very professional in all they do. Their customer service is exceptional and the support of their employees never waivers. I would and do recommend PPR to anyone that has the desire to do travel nursing. My recruiter goes above and beyond and I loved working with her. I have found a lifelong friend in PPR!”

    KendellRN, BSN

  15. “When starting the process of travel nursing it can be overwhelming, but thanks to my amazing recruiter and the entire PPR family I can't imagine not traveling! The constant contact and checking in from everyone is amazing! For even asking what seems like the silliest question everyone is so happy to help! I know I could never travel with another company. PPR really does make you feel like part of the family while you are away from yours!”


  16. “Let me tell you about "My Girls." I have been traveling for 7.5 years and have worked with a couple of agencies. The others didn't specialize in Operating Room Nurses, and what a problem that caused. They also didn't understand the concept of "Southeast part of the country"." But "My Girls" don't need me to interpret positions (RNFA) and why call pay and time are important to spell out in a contract. First, they make you a part of their family, and we all know that no one watches your back like a family member. Second, they understand your contract. Third, they keep me ahead of what is about to happen. Do you remember what exact day you took all those OSHA tests last year? Me either, and giving me a few WEEKS to time my renewal is wonderful. They know what I want, where I want to be and how much I want to get paid. They send me solutions, not problems. Last year I wanted a specific assignment, and even though the hospital was slow in moving, they patiently waited with me until the offer we wanted came. And then, they celebrated with me for landing the perfect opportunity. My Girls, they are just the best for a Travel Nurse, old like me or new to start out. The best because we are more than just an RN or Tech. Because, we are family.”

    CarolRN, BSN

  17. “I've had the opportunity to spend my entire travel career with PPR. I remember being 1 year out of nursing school and having the urge to travel, but afraid of the uncertainty. After one assignment, I was a pro. The consistent professionalism, great work ethic, friendliness, enthusiasm, and extraordinary team work that the group at PPR gives is second to none. In the past 5 years I've taken one agency assignment without using PPR and realized it didn't feel the same and they never met the high expectations that PPR had made me accustom to. PPR has and will always be a part of my family. I love my recruiter, she is a rock star. Her years at this company also says a lot about them. PPR recognizes that if they give exceptional service to their travelers, their travelers will give exceptional service to their patients and clients, and everyone remains satisfied. I am always proud to tell everyone that I work with PPR. The logo may have changed, but the quality has remained the same. Thank you guys for being so amazing.”

    ShamekiaRN, BSN 

  18. “I have been working for PPR since February 2013. From the beginning I knew I was with a class act when I spoke with my recruiter. I was honest about why I needed a job and she was honest on how we could do business together. After all the paperwork was done she got me a VERY good contract in a very short amount of time. As a travel RN I encounter various challenges that a staff RN does not. PPR and my recruiter have stood by me during these challenges. They have always looked out for my best interest. This company has never made a mistake with my pay or benefits. I would recommend PPR and my recruiter to anyone who wants to travel. Or maybe you are in between jobs and need to work. From my experience, you won't be disappointed.”


  19. “I cannot tell people enough how much I love love love PPR! My recruiter is always there for me when I need her and when I don't. She goes the extra mile in making sure I have everything I want and need when I'm on an assignment away from my family. I feel this is an attribute everyone at PPR has! Everyone at PPR has been more than helpful and accommodating. When there's a problem everyone is always on top of it to solve it as expediently as possible. My favorite part of being a PPR traveler is, I feel like I'm family. I'm not just a number or a nurse out on assignment. My favorite PPR moment was the DC meet and greet! I got to meet some of the recruiters and although they were not my recruiter they treated me like I was theirs! It's great to be part of the PPR family!”

    MarisolRN, BSN

  20. “February 2002 was a turning point for me. All my children had left the proverbial nest, my husband's health forced him into an early retirement, so he and I decided to take my career into a different realm as a 'Travel Nurse'. Our motto, 'Let's travel before we're too old, too sick, and too broke' has taken us places we had not even dreamed possible. Though I've been across country and back again, worked for several different companies, PPR is by far my favorite. As a smaller company, they pay attention to me, they listen to what I have to say, and make every effort to make each assignment special. They treat me as if I'm a member of the family, instead of an employee. My recruiter is totally awesome, she directs and guides me to the 'right' assignment for me. She calls or texts me to see if I need anything and if I do - she's right on it! But it doesn't stop there, she surprises me with cards and gifts in the mail to let me know that she's thinking of me, and that she appreciates what I do as well. 

I receive that same thoughtfulness with the Housing Coordinator, who ensures housing is warm and welcoming for me, my husband, and my Yorkshire Terrier fur baby. A care package usually arrives one or two weeks after we pick up the key to our assignment home which includes a box of treats for my pet. I can't say enough good things about PPR. Not only do they care about me, but they care about their community as well, and take part in various community event fundraisers for various charities. PPR has long proven to be a Community of Caring, and I love working not only for them, but with them, and I highly recommend them to any nurse that is considering embarking on the Adventures of a Lifetime, The Life of the Nurse Gypsy.”

    BonnieRN, BSN