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Health Insurance

Health Insurance: Choose one of our three plans that best fit your circumstances. Some of our plans have you covered on day uno. Our “Value Plan” is so robust it should be called an “Extraordinary Plan”. Highlights from our value plan:

  • Low individual premiums
  • Low family premiums
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Low co-pays
  • Preventive health coverage
  • Same Sex Partner coverage

A “Premium Plan” and high deductible HSA plan are also available. Talk to your recruiter to determine the best plan for you.

When does insurance begin?

Most plans get you covered on your first day!
Ask your recruiter for full details.

When will I receive my insurance cards?

Cards should show up in a couple of weeks.

What if I have a question about insurance?

Give us a call anytime!  That’s why we’re here.  Your recruiter is always available or he/she can connect you with our insurance experts.

Want to talk to the insurance company directly?

Right from the horse’s mouth.  For medical questions call 800.826.9781.  For dental call 877.471.3368.

How do I find out if a particular prescription is covered?

Visit www.umr.com, you can access prescription information, as well as doctors, dentists and pharmacies in your area.